Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About || Top 5 Wednesday

Hey beautiful people!

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic is Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About, which “…can cover any bookish topic you want: tropes, characters, TBRs, genres, anything”.

I decided to just cover an array of bookish things I’ve changed my opinion about throughout my years as a reader … which is longer than I can remember ha-ha! But there are definitely changes over the past few years that have been MAJOR ones, especially since I joined the book blogging community.

So let’s get to it, folks!

Five. Insta-Like isn’t the WORST thing

Oh yes … if you’ve been following Bookmark Your Thoughts long enough, you know my feelings towards “insta-love”. So MANY of you will be shocked to see this. I’m still NOT a fan of “insta-love”, but recent experiences in my personal life have shown me that falling for someone quickly DOES happen … and it’s a beautiful thing. Yessss — I’m single. That’s ALL you need to know *wink, wink*.

Four. Contemporary Literature is NOW my favourite thing of all time!

Supernatural, fantasy, Sci-Fi … those were my go-to genres … and the ONLY ones I would read. If it didn’t have ONE of these elements and it wasn’t a mandatory read, I wasn’t picking it up. After joining the book blogging world and seeing all these wonderful contemporary novels you all have reviewed, I grew curious … and THANK GOSH! I never thought there would be a day that contemporary/realistic fiction would be my number one choice! Lovin’ it!

Three. Romance novels AREN’T the worst thing

For many, MANY years … I couldn’t STAND reading romance novels. I found them boring, meaningless, and rather unrealistic. But I’ve come to realize that they aren’t all that bad, and that judging the romance genre based off a few bad seeds isn’t fair. After trying a few novels that you lovely people have suggested, I’ve seen that there are actually some REALLY good romance novels out there!

Two. I LOVE “the Chosen One” trope … AND I HAVE NO SHAME ABOUT IT!

I thought Harry Potter was that ONE case that the “chosen one” trope was actually good … but I just love it in general! Yes, I know … there’s so much hate for this trope … but after thinking about it for a bit — I LOVE IT AND THAT DOESN’T BOTHER ME!

I also wanted an excuse to use this GIF … again … it’s my favourite!

One. There’s nothing wrong with DNFing

This is a RECENT revelation of mine. My OLD bookish thing was that I was a bad reader for not finishing a book or a series … but that is SUCH a bad way of thinking! Life’s grand and not as long as I would like it to be … so WHY would I read books that I don’t care for?? I still have a long way to go with this bookish thing … but I’m getting there!

What are some of your bookish things you’ve changed your mind about? Are any similar to mine?

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17 thoughts on “Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About || Top 5 Wednesday

  1. I feel the same about DNF-ing and Contemporary.👏🏻 I use to read only fantasy, I swear, for some reason I thought I didn’t like contemporary books, but I guess I’d never found the right one, now I don’t hesitate to grab one as soon as I can, it’s also a genre so easy for me to read!😄 And DNFing is necessary, if you’re not enjoying it, is not worth continuing, I didn’t think so at first, but now I really do 👏🏻😊

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    1. I wish I knew I actually liked contemporary a long time ago ha-ha! Oh well, now I know I do 🙂 I think I also love the fact that this genre tends to explore a lot of social issues and injustices, which I’m totally an advocate for.

      The only time I may not DNF is if I’ve accepted an ARC from an author and/or it’s really short. But even with ARCs, I’ve been better at being honest with an author if it’s not my cup of tea.

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  2. I actually don’t know what my favorite genre is :O I was reading your post and asking myself: “How do I feel about contemporary?” “And what about romance?” And I was actually okay with both, but I also love fantasy, sci-fi (especially dystopian! those are like candy for me), but I can’t name just one genre I prefer amongst the others.

    The only “genre” or category I DON’T LIKE at all is New Adult. Those cheesy covers are *bleh* 😀

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      1. Ahah, that’s a good way to describe my feelings as well – “hoping for something better”. 😀

        Maybe, if I didn’t see those covers, I’d be more willing to try more books in that genre? Idk

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  3. DNFing is the hardest thing to do. I’m stubborn enough to see it till the end, especially since I’ve paid for the book, but sometimes I seriously regret that choice.

    I actually adore a bit of romance. I just love following the journey of two characters from when they meet to falling in love and everything in between.

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  4. That Harry Potter gif 😂.
    I definitely read a lot more contemporary because of book blogs now too! Also, DNFing is something I’ve become more comfortable with for the same reason you mentioned 😊.

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    1. I know eh? I use that GIF way too often … he-he.

      Thank gosh for the book blogging world … introducing me to genres I’d never think of reading!

      I think a lot of us book bloggers, or just book readers in general, have had a struggle with DNFing … it’s hard, because we all think we HAVE to finish a book simply because we started it. But it seems many of us are getting better at just saying “no” lol. I’m glad you’re also getting comfortable with DNFing!

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  5. Hi Jenna,
    I don’t particulary like insta-love, but I don’t hate it. It’s only that it’s better if i don’t find it in the book I’m reading. I know that love at first sight is something real, but it’s like an attraction and not like it is portaied in many books, in which the main characters say they love each other after two days. I don’t find the trope itself unrealistic, only the way it is written.
    Sooo, my favourite genre is Fantasy and it will never change. But do you have some good contemporaries to suggest? I like trying to read different genres.
    Romance novels continue to be a NO for me. Maybe I haven’t found the right book yet.
    I agree, the chosen one trope doesn’t bother me.
    Yesss, DNFing is great! Once you start it gets easier and easier. And DNFing books has saved me from so many horrible books.

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    1. Good points! I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I guess it would be easier to read if they wrote it better!

      Hmmm … I love ANYTHING by Emma Mills. Her books are light and fun but still add some more serious issues. I’m also a huge fan of Autoboyography and Simon vs.! They’re both really well done!

      I’ve found maybe two or three? They tend to also have other genres going on, but they still weren’t bad — which I was pleasantly surprised about!

      Oh yes … I’m very glad I’ve started DNFing! Thanks for coming by BTW! It’s nice to get connected to more people! 🙂


  6. Yes! I agree with all of these! I used to never like contemporary and romance, but WOW! This genre is beautiful! The precious characters in the book make my heart melt. ❤ And I honestly have grown to not dislike all tropes straight off the bat. The Chosen One is one of my favorites, and that Harry Potter GIF is the BEST! 🙂

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