O.W.Ls Read-a-Thon 2019: Wrap Up || Challenge

Hey beautiful people!

Last month, I decided to participate in the O.W.Ls Read-a-Thon that I saw both Rachael @ Dog-Eared Pages and Alex @ WhimsyPages posted about. This was created by Book Roast! Since I took about half of April off of reading to binge the Marvel films in the anticipation of seeing “Avengers: End Game”, I extended by challenge to Wednesday May 15th. And guess who did it .. ME!

Since I took about half of April off of reading to binge the Marvel films in the anticipation of seeing “Avengers: End Game”, I extended by challenge to Wednesday May 15th. And guess who did it .. ME!

To see my original post, click here!

To see my update post, click here!

I did do some updates to the original books I had picked, but they still fit in the challenge prompts. Below is a quick rundown of the career path I’ve chosen, the books I read and a very brief summary of my feelings towards the novels.

My Wizarding Career Path: Hogwarts Professor

In order to complete this, I’ll have to pass 7 O.W.Ls in total:

  1. A subject you wish to teach
  2. Defense Against the Dark Arts
  3. 5 additional subjects of your choice

The subject I would like to teach is Care of Magical Creatures. The remaining 6 subjects are: Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, Muggle Studies, and Potions.


Care of Magical Creatures | Land animal on the cover

This was a free copy I received from the authors earlier this year … thank gosh it fit in this challenge! Though the pacing and content needed work, it was still an incredible story that connected to a lot of real world issues.


Charms | Age-line: Read an adult work

I received a free copy of Albanese’s poetry earlier this year and fell in-love. So when he contacted me again for his short story, I said yes right away. It was such a dark and inviting story with a h**l of a twist! Highly recommend!


Defense Against the Dark Arts | Reducto: Title starts with “R”

Armstrong’s Darkest Powers trilogy was one of my favourites in high school … I actually re-read this a lot. So I figured, why not actually REVIEW the books this time? This was the last one and thank GOSH I didn’t finish it in March since I have like NO books starting with “R”.

Divination | Set in the future

Fleury’s another wonderful author that I was lucky to connect with this year. Asked to review his dystopia novel, I was hesitant with my bad luck in this genre … SO GLAD I READ THIS! It’s such a fantastic story … I can’t wait for the sequel to release!

Herbology | Plant on the cover

I’m telling you, this challenge REALLY helped me catch up with my free copies and ARC’s! This was the last one for me in this challenge but it was so worth it. An adventure, fantasy story … you’ll have a blast journeying with Peter and Fi!

Muggle Studies | Contemporary

Oh my goodness … this was SO much better than I anticipated. I’m so glad I discovered Emma Mills through you guys! A cute story with some added serious undertones, this book will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Original book: Lexi’s War

Potions | Next ingredient : Sequel

The anime show’s what originally caught my eye with this manga series. But I heard there was more to the story in the manga, making me pick it up. It’s so adorable! AND it’s about people protecting libraries and our freedom to read!! Original book: Crooked Kingdom

There are 12 O.W.L. subjects in total. My final count is 7 out of 10!

Now I can do the N.E.W.T’s later this year, which I’m pretty sure is August of this year! Are you participating? How did your O.W.Ls go? Are you ready for the N.E.W.T’s?


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  1. I’m glad that I was able to introduce you to the OWLs!! 😁 I wish I could take credit for creating it but it was actually created by G over at Book Roast on YouTube! And congrats on completing it! You did way better than I did haha

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