The Traveling Blog Journal

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you Laura Beth, for tagging me in the Traveling Blog Journal. She’s such a sweetheart, so please make sure to visit her site … it’s totally worth it!

This concept was created by Nova @ Nova’s Namaste 365 Online, and it’s brilliant! My two close friends and I had a traveling journal (physical copy) that went from Ottawa (Canada) to Toronto (Canada) to Bristol (England) — it was so much fun! However, my friend moved to China and it became complicated ha-ha! So this to me is just a lovely and creative idea!



The following is a message directly from Nova when she originally started this:

“I would love to pass a blog post, as if a journal, around. For the person tagged, I’d like you to just introduce yourself and tell us from what STATE/COUNTRY you reside. I’d like you to write something interesting about where you live once you’ve identified that. Then you can add a couple of your own details, if you’d like.

Each person who is tagged, please tag someone at the end of your post, and create a pingback to this post

Most of all,

Have Fun! 💖💚🌼

Thank you!!”

This is me

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset

Why hello there! Yup … this is me! I’m a 28-year-old yogi and coffee addict who’s just loving this grand thing called life. How do I describe my huge love for life … you know those people in books or movies you see sniffing flowers, smiling at the blue sky, trying to catch rain drops with their tongue, tearing up over a beautiful sunset, and gosh knows what else? That’s me … but a TINY bit of anxiety and social awkwardness into the mix.

Things I love in life are yoga, coffee and tea, food (especially chocolate), nature, exploring, outdoor water activities, bodies of water, thunder storms (does that count as nature?), river otters, dogs, flowers, the concept of magic, solitude, friends and family, Harry Potter, gaming, music, candles, the book blogging community … this is going to take FOREVER, so I’m just going to stop here lol!

I’ve also lived a wonderful life. As many do, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. But with where I’m at now, those things bother me less and less. My mom, dad, brother and puppies are the loves of my life (of course … the grandparents too). My mom is PROBABLY my best friend. And as someone who didn’t have many friends growing up, I’m so blessed to have met a wonderful group of people now who I call not only my friends but my family. Oh and my colleagues? Epic as ever! The following is them pranking my office after I left for a weeks vacation … oh man … and it’s not even the ENTIRE PRANK!

So yeah, that’s me. Just a woman livin’ life and seeing where the next adventure takes her.

Where I live — Ontario, Canada

I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada (I’ve been here since January 2016) — the nations capital where we argue how to pronounce poutine and have an obsession with beaver tails (it’s a pastry, folks … we don’t EAT the actual TAILS). I love small, forested towns and the country, so moving to a BIG city was a MASSIVE change for me. And though I would cry to my mom on the phone homesick multiple nights in a row when I first moved here, I don’t regret it. It’s now home. I live in a cute little condo facing this beautiful nature-esque walkway … and it’s just lovely.

Ottawa’s one of those places that I HIGHLY encourage you to visit, even if it’s only for a couple of days. Beautiful museums (and a lot of them too), the beautiful Parliament and flame, the ByWard Market, walking along the Rideau Canal (or skating if it’s winter), exploring the IMMENSE number of local stores, trying all the different food … there’s a lot to do. AND it changes depending on the time of year! In the winter,  we have Winterlude!! Ice sculpture contests, trying maple syrup on a stick with ice, outdoor concerts (in -30C mind you), skating on the canal, and grabbing hot cocoa and beaver tails WHILE skating on the canal are just of the few things to do. In the late spring, we have the Tulip Festival, where the walking path along the canal is covered with beautiful tulips and cute vendors to see. And these are just TWO of the events out of … well, a lot!

Ottawa is also close to beautiful places in other parts of Ontario and over in Quebec. Wakefield and Gatineau Hills in Quebec are two of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! It’s just a BUNCH of nature and/or cute stores. What’s not to love?

Onto the next journal entry …

Thank you again, Laura Beth, for tagging me in this awesome concept! And thank you, Nova, for creating it.

I’m passing this beautiful journal to Alex @ Whimsy Pages ! Have fun, love!


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29 thoughts on “The Traveling Blog Journal

  1. Hi!!! Thanks for participating 😀 It’s a delight to meet you and see your corner of the world! I think we would be such great grieves in real life. Just an observation lol. Hope you see you in my notifications 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are too cute!!! 💞☺️ I loved reading this and seeing all your photos!
    Ottawa is a beautiful city, I haven’t been in years but I had a great time when I was there. I still want to go skating on the canal one day, that’s on my bucket list! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG! This might be my favorite post ever! ❤ ❤ ❤
    So many amazing pictures and it really looked like a journal entry! I love the picture of you and ??? getting ready for a wedding? or at least it seems like it 😀 both of you look so beautiful. 🙂
    And thank you so much for the tag. I might take a few weeks to compile my journal entry but I'll try to be as fast as possible, so we can continue this "journal".

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad!! I was nervous to post this, actually. I’ve talked about myself before but this was a LOT of stuff ha-ha!

      Oh yes! That’s my bestie from university! We were getting ready for a wedding of our other bestie in university lol! And thanks! She’s super photogenic and actually talks amazing photography!

      And awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

      Liked by 1 person

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