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Hello beautiful people!

Oh my gosh … I LOVE WAFFLES!! Honestly, my friends nicknamed me “Eleven” for a bit because my go-to breakfast is waffles. To be frank, I just love breakfast food in general. It’s probably the number one comfort food in the world!

Thank you Marie and Nyx @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books AND Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany for tagging me in The Waffle Book Tag! It as though everyone KNOWS I love food ha-ha! All three of the bloggers mentioned above are absolutely fantastic, both as bloggers and as humans. Tiffany has the most aesthetically pleasing and organized blog, especially if you’re a floral person such as myself. Marie and Nyx’s blog has SUCH a cool theme to it … and they REALLY stick with it. All three bloggers also write fabulous posts, book review wise and more.

If you aren’t following them … I’d get on that. Then come back here, please!

The Rules

↠ Link back to the original creator, Kat @ Novels & Waffles.
↠ Feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top).
↠ Tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. No pressure here, folks!


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee ↠ I CAN’T BELIEVE it took me to create a BOOK BLOG to FINALLY read this masterpiece! Honestly, I fell in love with Lee’s writing from the first paragraph. Not only does this ACTUALLY fall under Classic Literature, I think it just is in general with the nature of the writing and content.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han ↠ To be frank, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. But it really is wholesome and endearing by nature, full of topics such as the complications of finding love and learning to discover who one is in this gigantic thing called life. And Lara Jean herself is the ACTUAL definition of wholesome.


The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton ↠ Let’s be real … there are a NUMBER of books that bring about that nostalgia feeling. But THIS was the first one to come to mind. When I first read this WAY back in Grade 7, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It literally consumed my mind. Probably because this was one of my first non-fantasy and non-science fiction novels I had read and fell in-love with.

29283884. sy475

Percy Newton from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee ↠ AWWWWW! My sweet and adorable Percy! How can you NOT love his character? He’s so caring, going above and beyond for his loved ones. Even with all the injustice he faces due to his illness and the colour of his skin, he still finds beauty in life and the people within it.

32075671. sy475

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas ↠ Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this book and it made me happy in the end. But seeing Starr and other people of colour struggle LITERALLY because of the colour of their skin … it makes me so angry and frustrated and … ultimately, sad. Seriously, after HOW much we’ve evolved, you’d think people wouldn’t discriminate based off of COLOUR …

FYI … this is my favourite kind of waffle.

44442509. sy475

For the Blood is the Life by Joe Albanese ↠ This short story is DEFINITELY a little … unique? And that isn’t in a disappointed way … I actually found it really interesting! What I enjoyed the most is I wasn’t expecting the events that happened to occur whatsoever.


Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling ↠ Hey now, I stick with MOST series until the end. There aren’t many that I’ve DNF’d … partially because I’ve been lucky and partially because of pride. Anyways … yes … I chose the most BASIC answer of all time and I don’t care. It’s not just my love of Harry Potter that I chose this, but I REALLY stuck with this! When I started reading Harry Potter, I believe only 2 or 3 of the books were released … which was DREADFUL since I just wanted to binge the entire series. But every year … on the first day of release … I would be in line at Chapters to buy my copy. Now THAT’S dedication!

Candles & Bookmarks ↠ I don’t know if these count, but that’s what I’m going with. They’re lovely as decor, perfect for book reading time and they’re AWESOME to use in Instagram posts!

The Nominees

Again, no pressure … especially if you’ve already been tagged!

↠ Milana @ A Couple Reads
↠ Chloe @ marshmallow pudding
↠ Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx
↠ Belle @ Belle Can Read

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29 thoughts on “The Waffle Book Tag || Tags & Awards

  1. thank you so much for the tag, jenna ❤ the hate you give was such a powerful and emotional book and starr’s situation made me so angry about and aware of the racist police brutality in the usa. and i remember when i binged the whole harry potter series in one summer – the books have all been released then – they are so magical and i love, love, love them!

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  2. Aww, thank you so so so much for all of your sweet words!! It makes my sister and I so happy! 😊 I’m glad you did the tag!! I LOVED your answers! Lara Jean is the definition of wholesome, I agree 100%. Harry Potter is the must… what can I say 😏 About The Hate U Give, you’re so right! Great post 😘

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  3. Not gonna lie. I saw waffle in the post title and had to click. I totally agree with you about to kill a mocking bird. It was one of the few books I enjoyed reading in school, and that’s saying a lot since I never read our assigned books haha.

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  4. Waffles! I love waffles… this has me hungry. Although I do have a waffle date on Friday so I will get waffles soon!
    Anyways, haha! 😛 Great answers for this! Hey, Harry Potter is a great series so it makes sense you’d stick with it until the end! No judgements here, my friend!
    I still haven’t read to Kill a Mockingbird… one day I’ll read more classics. I find that some are just so dry that it turns me off, even if I could potentially like the book!
    I also 100% agree with you about how people hate based on skin colour… it drives me crazy too. I just don’t understand, and like you, it makes me sad and angry!
    You have some beautiful bookmarks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW, EH?! They’re so yummy!! And a waffle date?! Nice!! I’m thinking when I visit Toronto sometime, we should have a waffle date!

      Harry Potter is a go-to answer, I swear ha-ha! TKAM is actually a pretty good choice if you want to read more classics but find you have a hard time reading them.

      Racism is just … like, it actually makes NO SENSE! WHY judge someone on colour … there’s really little reason to ever judge someone in general … but colour?? That just … it actually makes NO SENSE! Ugh … yes … sorry … this just makes me so mad lol!

      And thank you!! I love them so much ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooo I’m down for that! 😀
        I don’t always have a hard time reading classics, but I’ve found the ones I’ve been picking to be dry. That’s good to know though!

        No, I get you because I feel the same way, the dumbest thing to judge someone on. I will never understand.


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  5. Ahahaha that’s so cute your friends nicknamed you Eleven! Also, The Outsiders takes me baaack. All I really remember from the story though is “Ponyboy” and “stay gold” 😂. I applaud your dedication to stick with series 👏🏽. It’s been almost four years since I put down the fifth Harry Potter book, telling myself I’d pick it up after a break 😬. And those bookmarks are so cute!! They definitely count as accessories—FUNCTIONAL accessories at that. I used to collect bookmarks from my school libraries growing up, but I don’t have any use for them anymore since I primarily read ebooks. Seeing those bookmarks gives me the itch to hoard them anyways hahaha.

    Loved your answers, Jenna! Thank you so much for the tag 💞😁!

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  6. It always warms my soul to read the responses to this tag, it’s one of my faves of all time 😍 OHMYGOSH I LOVE PERCY SO MUCH!!! He’s an absolute angel (I guess he’d have to be, to put up with Monty’s sarcasm 24/7 😂) As a side note – I’ve never had blueberry waffles before & I feel like I’m missing out on something big 😢

    💛 Ngoc

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      1. I love Monty too!!!! Feel like he’d definitely be a blueberry waffle person, he’s not one for just your plain jane standard waffles 😂

        Oh don’t you worry Jenna, I’m on the lookout for blueberry waffles as we speak!

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  7. I don’t remember the last time I had a waffle!!! :O How. Is. That. Possible?!

    But my BF makes the best crepes so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    «To Kill a Mockingbird» is a masterpiece. I don’t think we had it in our school program, but I read it a few years ago and really loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEX!!!!! Okay … you tell me all the books I need to re-add to my TBR list … so I’m telling you that you need to eat waffles sooner rather than later 😉

      CREPES!!! I need a man who cooks … I HATE cooking.

      We didn’t have it in our school program either … which was weird since a lot of my friends from other schools in the area DID have it as a requirement … either way, I finally got to read it!

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  8. I love all your answers, Jenna! ❤ You're making me crave so many waffles right now. Ah! The Outsiders is literally one of the best books in the world. Every time someone mentions that book I get a little rush, thinking about all my special boys. I've only seen the old black and white film for To Kill a Mockingbird, but it's fantastic! I need to pick up the book soon. My English professors would be so disappointing in me if they knew I've gone through life without having read it. 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, darlin’! Isn’t that book so good?! My friend and I are both re-reading it together later this year as a buddy read … and I’m SO excited!

      I highly recommend the book. I haven’t seen the films so I don’t know how repetitive it is, but the writing style of the novel itself is wonderful.

      Oh man … my English teachers and professors would be so disappointed knowing I haven’t read certain books either, like Catcher in the Rye … 🙈


  9. Ahhhh, waffles are the BEST. doing this tag and reading it makes me SO hungry. i should really get a waffle some time soon.

    lmao, i really need to reread HP. I know that i’ll fly through the books no matter how think they are, but I just have no motivation right now, and I keep getting distracted by new books! Those candles and bookmarks are GORGEOUS though 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. … I’m totally buying some for myself this weekend because I can lol!! I want to get a waffle maker one day … but I don’t trust myself to not abuse the powers of the waffle maker ha-ha!

      I feel you. I want to re-read them eventually but I have so many books on the go that I don’t have the drive. I saw someone on Instagram do a reaching HP rush. I think I might copy that but do it for the month of January rather than September. OR I’ll wait until next September ha-ha!

      AND I KNOW, EH?! This is why I have a hard time NOT spending money on them lol!!

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