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Hello beautiful people!

So … you MAY have noticed my September Plan with Me never appeared … that’s because … it doesn’t exist! *GASP*

Honestly, August was just an insanely busy month. I thought of still creating one and publishing a late post … but I had NO DRIVE WHATSOEVER to create a monthly spread. But after a month without having a bullet journal to track my life … I don’t know how I ever organized my life without one! Seriously, I kept forgetting appointments and tasks and chores … it was so bad! It really showed me just how useful bullet journals (agendas in general) are.

For this month, I went with a witchy vibe … I love the concept of magic and witchcraft, especially for the Halloween season! Oh! You’ll also notice I re-arranged my Plan with Me posts slightly. I love how Haley @ Hayley E. Frerichs organizes hers, so I mimicked that. I still have my resources section but it’s at the bottom.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Note: Thank you to those who commented letting me know that my post glitched; apparently, the photos didn’t show up originally.

So … to make life easier, I re-organized my Pinterest Bullet Journal Board so you can see where I find most of my inspirations! It’s not a book blog account or anything, just my personal Pinterest account. I’m also going to upload my own spreads to Pinterest as well … eventually. Not this time though.

Cover Page

While scrolling through the vastness of Pinterest, I found these cute little cauldron doodles and HAD to try them myself! I also took inspiration from Pypah’s Art April 2019 video but with my own minimalist touches! Rather than colouring everything in, I kept most of the doodles more black and white but with accent colours (let me know if you guys like that BTW).

Monthly Calendar

Oh my gosh! This is my favourite monthly calendar yet! Eline @ journalbeanie posted a one page monthly calendar some time ago, and I think it’s so C U T E … and space efficient. The washi tape touches and the use of scrap paper to mark important events/holidays is adorable AND useful … so I copied that too ha-ha!

In hindsight, my second page should’ve been an “idea” or “brain dump” page … but I got excited and doodled instead ha-ha! I love this quote from Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, which is one of my many go-to movies to watch during the fall season. The table with a magical book and items is just something I randomly thought off.

Blog Tracker & Budget/Expense Tracker

For this month, I labelled them Spell Log and Spell Tracker … just to keep with the theme and all.

OH MY GOSH! HOW I MISSED YOU, BLOG TRACKER! I know, you can SEE all your planned posts on WordPress … but sometimes, it’s just easier to quickly look in my bullet journal. The only thing I want to add for next month is an “ideas” and “notes” section … but I don’t know if I want to, especially since I use Trello. a lot now (see Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall’s post for more details). If you would like me to write a post regarding how I use Trello, let me know in the comments below!

So … my budget and expense tracker … that’s a MAJOR change. I LOVE tracking my expenses, since I KNOW I tend to spend more than I realize … and I live alone with a one person income and a mortgage … so I NEED to keep on top of that. But trying to keep on top of the expenses and then going through the list to calculate everything was, well, exhausting and a WASTE of time. Soooooooooooooo … I’ve removed the expenses list. My NEW way of tracking everything is through this phone app called Spendee, which is a LIFESAVER (and FREE). The PLAN is to use this app every month, then write the totals in the bullet journal budget tracker so I can easily compare how I’m doing each month.

If you WANT, I can write a post on how to use Spendee in October since I already tested it out in September. And before you ask … no, my post is not sponsored by them at all … they don’t even know I’m vocalizing my love for them ha-ha. I just really love this app and know so many people look for easy ways to budget and track expenses like myself.

Weekly Spread

For the weekly spreads, I took some lovely inspiration from Haley @ Hayley E. Frerichs. I really wanted to try having my habit trackers on my weekly spreads again, since I tend to forget about the habit tracker page (whoopsie). This woman’s journal spreads are ACTUAL goals … go check her site out … like now … ooo … but please do come back.

Weeks 40 to 43 are the same EXCEPT for the doodles, so I’ve posted week 40 below but just the doodles for the other weeks.

Week 44 is SLIGHTLY different since the end of the month ends on a Thursday, allowing me some room for more doodles!


As per usual, my go-to markers are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. In this layout, I used: 020, 228, 553, 603, 623, 679, 912, 990 and 992. The Tombow Mono Drawing Pen (no. 01) and the Sakura Pigma Micron (no. 005) were used to draw everything; I only used the Pigma for the smaller details (and not until later since I forgot I own these pens ha-ha). The washi tape is from Nicedmm on Amazon CA, which you can find HERE!

My NEWEST bullet journal addition are these ADORABLE STICKERS! They came from the Premium Plant Lovers Diary Bundle from The Pencil Box, which I ordered a couple of month ago. I THINK the brand is called Elements, but I KNOW you can buy them from Notebook Therapy. They’re super soft and lay nicely, making the stickers seem as though they already came in the journal. I’ll be ordering more from them VERY soon.

Some other miscellaneous items I used are random scraps of paper and the Tombow Adhesive tape. Oh! And when I’m actually writing in my bullet journal throughout the month, I used the Uni-ball Black Gel Pens (they’re the best thing ever).

And there you have it! I hope you love this layout as much as I do! PLEASE make sure to comment about anything more you’d like to see, theme ideas you have and so forth!


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12 thoughts on “Bullet Journal October 2019 || Plan with Me

  1. Your October theme is so cool! I love it. It sets up the right mood for October, can’t wait for all the Halloween treats, nhom! 😀

    And yes! For trello post. I tried it before, but didn’t like it. Found it to be too much and I need a calendar view, otherwise I’m lost. But I love seeing how everyone else uses it (maybe I was doing it all wrong? 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe … thank you. And thank you for the inspiration! I’m liking the use of the habits on the weekly layouts a lot more. Ha-ha! That was me in September. i basically skipped that month. I think I’m going to work on my November one soon. There are some stickers I want to get though first before I proceed 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh this spread is SO CUTE, Jenna!! Not to mention, absolutely perfect for October – loving those Witchy vibes! Your doodles in it are so cute, and I adore the color scheme you have going for this month. I also really love that quote from Coraline (Neil Gaiman …. ah, he’s a god among us mere, mortals) and the scraps of brown paper you used throughout are such a nice touch! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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