The Uniquely Bookish Box October 2019 || Unboxing

Hello beautiful people!

A couple of months ago, one of my favourite Bookstagrammer’s announced her co-creation of a new Canadian book subscription box: The Uniquely Bookish Box! When I found out, I HAD to be one of the many people who subscribed for their very first box to ever release!

I haven’t done an unboxing post in FOREVER … so I figured I’d give it a try. If you would like more or less information in these posts, please let me know in the comments below!

What is The Unique Bookish Box?

The Uniquely Bookish Box is a beautifully designed and created Canadian book subscription box. Each box contains either a classic or recently released novel and 4 to 5 bookish/self-care items from small Canadian businesses and artisans (i.e. book sleeves, bookmarks, candles, teas, etc.) [About]. Every month, the novel received alternates between a classic novel or a recently released novel, matching the theme set by the co-creators.

The Creators

There are two individuals responsible for the creation of this amazing subscription: Kristen McNutt and Janice Beck. Kristen’s a dental assistant and dog mama from British Columbia who loves reading thrillers, memoirs, true crime, historical fiction, and fantasy. Janice is a new mama to a beautiful baby girl and a high school teacher from British Columbia who loves reading historical fiction, memoirs, and fantasy. To learn more about these lovely ladies, you can visit their about page or their social media!

↠ Kristen’s Instagram:
↠ Janice’s Instagram: @bibliophile.belle

The Subscription Options

There are a number of subscription options to choose from:

↠ One Time Purchase: Classic Novel ($56.99 CAD)
↠ One Time Purchase: Recently Released Novel ($56.99 CAD)
↠ Three Box Subscription: Recently Released & Classics ($162.99 CAD)
↠ Three Box Subscription: Recently Released Novels ($162.99 CAD)
↠ Three Box Subscription: Classic Novels ($162.99 CAD)

There are NO import fees or duties, with a flat domestic shipping rate of $15.00 CAD.

Thoughts and Fun Facts

Now, a number of people have stated the one draw back is how expensive the box is. For me, this isn’t that bad. As someone from Canada, subscription boxes have always been a high price. For instance, an OwlCrate box costs me approximately $55.00 CAD with taxes and shipping. In addition, I find the quality of the items received from The Uniquely Bookish Box are astounding … probably the best quality I’ve ever received — and I actually USE all the items. With other boxes I’ve tried, I noticed I didn’t use a lot of the items or I didn’t really care for them. This is MY personal experience, though.

Here are some fun facts!

↠ The materials used are recycled and recycle
↠ The co-creators have been friends for over 25 years!
↠ All the bookish items are from Canadian business
↠ Janice is also the owner of Bibliophile Belle’s Boutique, creating bookmarks and book sleeves
↠ An invitation will be sent to their exclusive Book Club on Facebook
↠ The books selected are one the co-creators have read and loved

For more information, visit their FAQ page!

The Unboxing

Oh my gosh … I had SO much fun unboxing this! Mind you, my Instagram video was all over the map due to my excitement … but it was still fun! The unboxing photos and pieces of information are also available on my Instagram under the “unboxing” highlight!

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[ #subscriptionbox ] hello beautiful people and happy autumn weather 🌙 . a couple of months ago, i decided to pre-order the october 2019 @theuniquelybookishbox . originating from British Columbia, the creators of this Canada based book box subscription are Janice [ @bibliophile.belle ] and Kristen [ ]; they're two incredibly lovely women who appreciate the joy of a good book as much as the rest of us book lovers do. though tentative at first, i'm so glad i made this purchase. not only does the box contain a number of wonderful items, but they're all of impeccable quality. and i'm not going to lie, i love being able to showcase some amazing Canadian businesses. . below you will find the instagram accounts of all the companies associated with the bookish items in the october 2019 box. i will also be publishing a more in-depth post on my blog sometime this week. i'll make sure to mention it in my story! . 📌 box: @theuniquelybookishbox 📌 book: @alix.e.harrow 📌 candle: @librarylights 📌 soap: @bigfoottrading 📌 tea: @booksnleaf 📌 bookmarks: @bibliophilebellesboutique . happy reading, beautiful people! . . #bookishfeature #mybookfeatures #unboxing #bookbox #booksubscriptionbox #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #instablog #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #bookishmerch #bookstagramcanada #canadianbloggers #booklover #bibliophile #booksbooksbooks #books #bookworm #bookaddict #cozy #hygge #hyggelife #igbooks #igreads #readersofinstagram

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Now let’s get into this. The theme for October 2019 is Cozy Autumn. This box contains a recently released novel (meaning November will contain a classic novel). The box includes the following items:

The Thousand Doors of January || Alix E. Harrow

↠ To be fair, I haven’t read this yet so I can’t really tell you my thoughts. However, the book came in impeccable condition and the cover is STUNNING! It’s so beautiful that it’s part of my TV stand decor. From what I’ve seen on Goodreads, this book’s incredible. Be prepared to see a review sometime in November!

Pumpkin Picnic Candle || Library Lights

↠ This candle smells ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! The scent smells like pumpkin pie, which is my favourite! The candle is coconut based with a beautiful orange colour to it. The tin and design of the label are lovely, very minimalist yet perfect as decor in your home!

Apple Pie Soap || Smelly Moose

↠ Smelly Moose’s soap smells delightful and is incredibly soft. The soap doesn’t dry your skin out like other bar soaps — and I have incredibly sensitive skin so that’s saying something! The case of the soap says they’re made by Smelly Moose, but they’re sold at Big Foot Trading!

Hagrid’s Hut Loose Leaf Tea || Booksnleaf

↠ I haven’t tried the tea yet, but everyone has been raving about how lovely it is! The smell is absolutely scrumptious, so I can’t wait to finally try it out! The flavour is pumpkin patch and the tea itself is dairy free — which I’m SUPER grateful for since I didn’t realize loose leaf tea could have dairy!

Bookmarks || Bibliophile Belle’s Boutique

↠ These bookmarks are my go-to bookmarks, if I’m using my magnet ones from Chapters. I actually have about 7 bookmarks from Bibliophile Belle’s Boutique and plan to get more! They’re gorgeous looking, slick and sturdy! They’re also made of this glossy material, so they don’t stain or wreck as easily as paper based bookmarks.


Overall, I am SO happy with this box … so happy that I ordered the December one: Winter Woods! If you want to get your own, make sure to visit their website!

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11 thoughts on “The Uniquely Bookish Box October 2019 || Unboxing

  1. Any subscription box that uses recyclable materials automatically get bonus points. Ive only ever ordered one subscription box and I find that I hardly ever use the goods that are included. I love that they source Canadian businesses for their products and that pumpkin picnic candle looks divine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, posts like these make me wish I had the money to spend on cool book boxes. Between the recycled materials and the beautiful items, this one looks awesome 😍

    Also, I loved The Ten Thousand Doors of January, so I hope you love it as well! My review of it was mostly just me gushing about how much I loved in it lol

    Liked by 1 person

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