A New Year, A New Journal! Bullet Journal for 2020 || Plan with Me

Hello beautiful people!

Happy New Year, everyone! You know what THAT means … A NEW BULLET JOURNAL!

With Canada Post having some delays, I didn’t end up receiving my journal until a couple of days ago … HENCE why this is SO DELAYED! But no worries, I was finally able to get it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL done.

I hope you all enjoy it!

For inspiration, please visit my Pinterest Bullet Journal Board so you can see where I find most of my inspirations! It’s not a book blog account or anything, just my personal Pinterest account. I may end up uploading my own spreads to Pinterest as well … eventually. We shall see.

Cover Page and Yearly Calendar

I LOVE floral layouts, which is why I decided to go with this again for my 2020 opening spread. Some of the stickers and washi tape I used are actually from the Premium Plant Lovers Diary Bundle on The Pencil Box stationery website.

Birthday Log

So last year, I did a Future Log … which ended up being more of a Birthday Log? So I changed it up and ACTUALLY just made it a Birthday Log. There are some other special dates I wanted to put in here, like anniversaries and such … so I might amend it again eventually …

I did that semi-circle with a water bottle (or candle … can’t remember), doodled the flowers, then erased the pencil of the circle — if any of you were curious (fun little trick to make a more circular looking wreath without having to just eye it).

Pens List, Stationery Wants and Growth Tracker

In 2019, I had a washi tape list as well … but I ended up never using it. I don’t really buy a lot of washi tape … and the ones I use, I know how they look already. But I REALLY wanted to add a stationery wants page … since I keep forgetting what I want ha-ha!

I LOVED doing the Growth Tracker last year, so I’m going to try at it again this year! The top number in the “Polaroid” will be my Instagram number and the bottom will be the WordPress number.

Reading Log

SO many people do these REALLY PRETTY bookshelves, where they colour in the books they finish and it ends up looking super adorable … but I had NO patience for that ha-ha! That’s why I went with this list/chart style … I feel as though this will just be more useful for me.

The total number of spots I have are 47 (there’s more on another page you will see below), since my goal is 40 but I wanted to leave some room in case I exceed this *fingers crossed*!

Reading Log (cont.) and 2020 Goals

I saw this cute little idea for reading goals on a NUMBER of different layouts in some YouTube videos, so I wanted to give it a shot! I changed mine up SLIGHTLY though. Rather than a WORD to live by, I chose two quotes that really reflect changes I want to make in myself or things I want to continue doing.

The main 3 goals are my focus points. I did some research and saw a lot of psyhiatrists mentioning that we tend to make our goals too vague, so I tried to choose specific items that I also think are achievable. Mine ended up being: (1) save $2400.00 towards travel fund and general savings ($1200.00 each); (2) work on fitness routine (work out 3 times per week minimum); (3) read 2 books a month minimum.

The 20 of 2020 was just a fun little idea, especially since the year just sounds so aesthetically pleasing! There are SO many things I want to do and I don’t want to forget to do them ha-ha! Here are a few of the things I wrote for some inspiration: read 40+ books; travel to New York City; see a Broadway or musical; run a 5K in the Ottawa Race Weekend; start a poetry/memories/travel bullet journal; go to a concert; get my A-A-A in French training (those are levels).

A Year in Polaroids

So … I ATTEMPTED to do this last year … BUT FAILED! But I REALLY want to this year … I see so many people do this and it’s the cutest thing ever. That’s why I’m also starting a poetry/memories/travel bullet journal, so I can start documenting fun things in my life more (I’m waiting on that Bullet Journal to come in).

There’s a box for each month, though if I don’t end up doing something super exciting one month … I might just end up doubling up some months ha-ha!

And this last page had some extra room, so I found a pretty quote and put it in the remaining space!


As per usual, my go-to markers are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. In this layout, I used: N57, 228, 912, 993, 942, 997, and 761. The Tombow Mono Drawing Pen (no. 01) was used to draw the majority of the spread with the exception of the flowers, which I used the Sakura Pigman Micron (no.005).

As I mentioned previously, the stickers are from the Premium Plant Lovers Diary Bundle from The Pencil Box. I THINK the brand is called Elements, but I KNOW you can buy them from Notebook Therapy. I’m almost out, so I plan to buy some more soon ha-ha!

Some other miscellaneous items I used are random scraps of paper and the Tombow Adhesive tape. Oh! And when I’m actually writing in my bullet journal throughout the month, I used the Uni-ball Black Gel Pens (they’re STILL the best thing ever).

And that’s the entry spread for the 2020 Bullet Journal (number one … because we ALL KNOW I’ll need a second one too). If there’s anything else you wish to see or for me to explain, please let me know!


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  1. These spreads are all so cute! You’re great at this bullet journal thing 😋 I especially love the growth tracker in the form of plaroids ❤

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