Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller || Buddy Read Discussion

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to my first buddy read of 2020! Thank GOSH I knew someone else who wanted to read this novel, or I probably would’ve never picked it up. I don’t know about you lot, but this buddy read concept has REALLY helped me stay on-top of books this year!

Thank you Lauren @ Narrative Paradise for being a gem and buddy reading this with me! Lauren’s not only a sweetheart but actually hilarious — seriously, her emails to me regarding her thoughts on the novel made me laugh so much!

For more information on the buddy reading system, please visit the following page — How To: Buddy Reads || Buddy Read Discussion.

Buddy Read Partner

Lauren @ Narrative Paradise: “Welcome! You made it! I started this blog as a ‘portfolio’ for ‘serious writing’ (per some professional advice that would have better suited someone else.)

Over the years, Narrative Paradise morphed into a book blog…of sorts. I don’t write book reviews (very often) or participate in reading challenges. I DO post book tags and gush about my favorite series. I occasionally publish posts about faith, politics, and/or mental health.

Oh, and I MAY have turned this site into an unofficial Maggie Stiefvater fan blog. Ahem… More accurately, Narrative Paradise operates as an unofficial Ronan Lynch blog. I’m not kidding.

Anyway. Read. Comment. Explore. Enjoy.” (An Introduction post).

Please make sure to visit her website — it’s an absolutely phenomenal blog! Her voice REALLY shows in all of her posts, making it feel more genuine and relatable!

Lauren’s Buddy Read Post

The Questions

Q1. Would you rather know how to sword-fight or have seduction powers?

Lauren: “I feel like I already have seduction powers in that I’m charming and have no shame. As an example, I once asked a stranger for his belt and he gave it to me. Though I can talk my way out of most situations like Jack Sparrow, I’ve long harbored a dream of sword-fighting like Will Turner. That dream includes making my own swords and practicing with them three hours a day so that when I meet a pirate…I CAN KILL IT.”

Jenna: “To be honest — sword-fighting skills! Though I think the latter is a neat concept to this novel, I personally don’t see the appeal ha-ha! I’d rather just have these epic fighting skills to be able to fend off enemies! Also … seduction powers seem to have a number of setbacks.”

Q2. Which character would you rather have as a first mate?

Lauren: “If I remember correctly, Mandsy was a healer on Alosa’s crew. She kept track of things easily, which is a good quality in a first mate. She also seemed loyal and trusted Alosa to make the right choices. Was she wearing a suede vest? I feel like she was. MAXIMUM COOL.”

Jenna: “Ummm … is choosing Alosa cheating? Seriously though, she’s a baller! Intelligent, witty and sarcastic, full of energy, loyal, amazing sword-fighting skills among other great talents … what’s NOT to love about Alosa? I feel as though I could trust her to make sure my crew and ship are safe, in addition to having my back when needed.”

Q3. What elements do you think Daughter of the Pirate King excels at in depicting a “traditional” pirate/adventure themed novel? What parts do you feel the author could’ve worked on more?

Lauren: “The book maintained a pretty decent balance of swashbuckling derring-do and actual stakes. I found myself fascinated by pirate culture and hierarchy, particularly when lesser pirate captains start cutting in on the action. Though this was the first book in a series with more action to come, I expected more treasure. Per Jack Sparrow, pirates are ‘completely obsessed with treasure.’ And YES, I KNOW not all treasure is silver and gold, but a stray trunk of jewels wouldn’t have hurt.”

“This next aspect is less traditional, though I still think it needs explanation in the sequel: WHERE ARE ALL THE QUEER WOMEN AT AND WHO DO I BLAME FOR THIS OVERSIGHT? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WOMEN WEARING SUEDE VESTS? (It’s possible I invented the suede vests.) You can’t tell me seduction magic ONLY works on straight men. That’s not a thing.”

Jenna: “Daughter of the Pirate King highlights a number of concepts well that are in a “traditional” pirate/adventure story: an epic quest, treasures to be had, primarily based on a pirate ship, moral ambiguity among the cast of characters, a large portion of the setting out at sea, and much more.”

“Unfortunately, I feel as though one element in PARTICULAR that Levenseller didn’t highlight upon well was the lack of adventure. Yes … the story takes place travelling out at sea … but there’s VERY little world exploration. There are references to different parts of the world, but they’re rather quick and non-descriptive. When I’m reading an adventure story, I expect more regarding information about the world and a number of different settings that the characters explore.”

Want to participate in a buddy read?

If you’d like to participate in a buddy read, simply message me by clicking the Contact tab on my website. If you have a particular book in mind, make sure to leave that in the request. If you aren’t sure of a book, that’s okay! Either say you’re up for anything or check out my Want To Read shelf on Goodreads to see if there’s something we both have on our TBR!

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    1. THANK YOU for visiting! Lauren KILLS me! She’s SOO funny! Just wait for the post tomorrow — it’s our second buddy read and I was just laughing SO HARD!

      P.S. I emailed you regarding the buddy read but I don’t know if it worked! You may have to email me again!

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