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Hello beautiful people!

Look what’s back … bullet journal posts! I know a few people REALLY get excited about these, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted one in FOREVER! To be honest, I JUST wasn’t feeling creative or inspired enough. Life kind of got in the way, to the point I wasn’t even blogging or reading as much.

With our stay at home situation, I’ve actually been getting my motivation back to do all the things I love — reading, blogging, and bullet journaling! Yes — the situation we’re all in isn’t ideal whatsoever. I miss my family and friends, my local coffee shop runs, going into the office rather than working from home every day. But I’ve also been trying to see the opportunities I have now, all the projects and tasks I’ve put on hold due to the business we call LIFE.

With THAT sappy message over, I hope you all enjoy my May Bullet Journal layout!

Cover Page

I saw someone do this with their November layout and thought it was the coolest idea! Her florals are WAY better than mine … but that’s okay! I really just wanted something simple YET still cute. The bandaid and mug stickers are from togetherwithkx, an Etsy shop by a wonderful Canadian woman … I spam bought a bunch and it was so worth it.

Editing Tips and Tricks: The bandaid sticker is there to actually mask a mistake I made, but it’s like it was NEVER EVEN THERE … fun ways to cover mistakes!

Month at a Glance

I’ve seen these layouts EVERYWHERE but didn’t know if it was something I’d actually enjoy. Since I’m going ALL OUT DIFFERENT this month, I thought I might as well finally try this.

I found this idea on @booksofnotes Instagram page. She posts an abundance of minimalist style bullet journal spreads, which I’ve been trying to do as well so it’s been a great place for some inspiration!

Blog Tracker & Habit Tracker

These two pages are probably the BIGGEST changes I’ve done. I saw an image on Pinterest where the person had one page dedicated to tracking their goals, posts to do, follower stats and much more. Mines nowhere near as detailed, but I feel it’s something I’ll actually use more than the really detailed one I had before.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried creating a habit tracker like this, but I really love how it turned out this time around! The lines are there since there are 31 days in May but I wanted perfect rectangles … so that happened. I think it looks cute, adding a little fun detail.

Editing Tips and Tricks: Instead of making a little line to cover up the extra days, try using washi tape; it’s pretty easy and it’s MUCH more aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion). You can also add numbers into the boxes to make it easier to track what day it is … I was just REALLY lazy.

Weekly Spread

For the weekly spreads, I used inspiration from Kat Cuthbert’s Instagram account again: booksofnotes. I did make it a bit my own, since I prefer boxes rather than just a line to separate the days of the week. But in all … it’s mainly from her magical mind.

Editing Tips and Tricks: So … my SO and I had a laugh when we realized I wrote MAR rather than MAY on ALL the weekly spreads. To cover up my mistake, I used some scrap paper and double-sided tape to cover those spots. It still looks good and it has the right month on it now!


As per usual, my go-to markers are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. In this layout, I used 761 and 990. The Tombow Mono Drawing Pens (no. 01, 03, 05) were used for drawing and outlining everything. It’s been TOO long for me to remember, but yes … I am STILL using the Uni-ball Black Gel Pens to write in my journal throughout the month. They write so well and don’t smudge … it’s a beautiful thing.

For inspiration, please see my Pinterest Board to find all sorts of creative spreads people have shared around the world!

That’s a wrap! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests for next month! And if you’d like to see a certain theme in the future, comment below!


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30 thoughts on “Bullet Journal May 2020 || Plan with Me

  1. I love how you’ve added editing tips and tricks to the post, they’re fun hacks that will definitely come in handy. I may have let out a chuckle when I saw no video games on your habit tracker. Admittedly, I’ve embraced my inner games a lot in this lockdown.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, your spreads are so beautiful, Jenna! I really love the neutral colors! I got really excited when I saw this because I finally decided to start a bullet journal, but I’m not sure how to format my spreads 😅. I really love how neat and minimalistic yours are 🙂.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These spreads are stunning! I’m a minimalist fan when it comes to bullet journaling because I’m not very talented and it’s distracting for me, but I love the clean yet beautiful feel of your pages. I hope you have a wonderful May!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nikki!!! It’s been … an adjustment? But I’m doing much better! The nice and warm weather does help, and things seem to be getting better here so that’s something ha-ha!

      Thank you very much! And oh my gosh ha-ha! I get really self conscious of my handwriting lol! I want to work on it more. But thank you very much! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

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