Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno || Buddy Read Discussion

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Wow … it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a buddy read discussion post! Thank you so much Laurie @ Read Between the Skylines for buddy reading Leno’s Summer of Salt with me; I really don’t think I would’ve ended up reading it on my own, so I’m so grateful Laurie decided to tag along with me.

Laurie’s SUCH a sweetheart, with a fantastic blog and a numerous blog posts. Not only is her aesthetic just incredibly adorable, but the diversity of her reads is absolutely refreshing! So PLEASE make sure to visit her amazing blog.

For more information on the buddy reading system, please visit the following page — How To: Buddy Reads || Buddy Read Discussion.

Buddy Read Partner // Laurie @ Read Between the Skylines

“Hello beautiful bookish people! You may or may not already know me from Goodreads where I’ve been reviewing books for almost five years. Welcome to my world, filled with books, wanderlust and love. Feel free to comment on articles and reviews, I’d love to have your opinion.”

“I’m fond of books that make me dream and escape. I am really passionate about reading, so badly that I often get affected with what the characters live in my real life. I get upset with them, but also happy, dreamy, confused… In short, if one day you come to Paris and its suburb, and you see a girl crying or laughing while she is reading this is probably me!”

Laurie’s Buddy Read Post

Question One // Why did you decide to pick this book?

LAURIE || “I first heard about Summer of Salt on Marie’s blog back in January, and at the time, I was looking for books that included a sapphic romance. I don’t usually read Magical Realism but the synopsis sounded interesting and I was drawn to the cover – it appealed to me in a way I cannot describe. Those of my friends who already read this book gave it great reviews. It was because of all of these factors that I almost instantly clicked on the “to-read” button. A few months after that, when Jenna and I were deciding on which book to pick, we settled pretty quickly on that one.”

JENNA || “There are THREE main reasons why I decided to pick up this book. The first being that I wanted to explore magical realism again. I’ve only read two books under the “magical realism” genre, both of which weren’t the best experiences. After seeing so many people loving this novel, I thought I’d give it another go. The second being the diversity. After reading some reviews, I was happy to see a lot of different sexual orientations represented in the novel, which I find still lacking in A LOT of literature. And lastly … the cover is gorgeous and I knew I’d want it on my shelves whether I liked it or not. Yes … I’m a book cover snob.”

Question Two // What was your favourite element in the novel? What’s something you think needed more work or attention?

LAURIE || “In my opinion, the twin’s relationship between Georgina and Mary was really accurate and its portrayal was beautiful and on point. In such a short novel, Leno really managed to show the complexity and unconditionality of the sisters’ love and devotion for each other.”

“The diversity of the cast was something else I adored in this book, but it is also something that needed more attention. When you include a bisexual girl, an aromantic/asexual girl and a lesbian, it’s important to speak about that aspect of their personality and how it affects their lives. More broadly speaking, I feel like the author tried to tackle an excessive number of issues for a 250ish pages book and therefore, none of the issues were treated extensively enough.”

JENNA || “My favourite element is the magical element and the island life. I found the magic very profound and unique, something very different from other books I’ve read. It made the read more fun. And the island living concept was absolutely incredible … the beautiful descriptions of the land and nature and such really captured my attention, making me feel as though I was on the island myself.”

“Unfortunately, the story moved WAY too fast. There’s about a 5-week jump that REALLY let me down … I feel as though the author could’ve explored the story (and romance) a bit more if she wrote an extra 100+ pages. It made me feel less connected with the story and the characters. And that also leads me to the romance … there was VERY little build-up, which made their connection seem … well, small and insignificant. I just didn’t see the point of it with the overall story.”

Question Three // What were your expectations? Did the book meet those expectations?

LAURIE || “Obviously, I expected to love this book, or at least enjoy it a lot otherwise I wouldn’t have added it to my TBR. And I can say that even though it was quite good, it wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected it to be. It was short and easy to read, but because of the multiple diversion in the plot, I didn’t have time to really connect with the characters and therefore care for them as much as I should have.”

JENNA || “Going into this, I was expecting it to be a balance of romance, coming of age, and mystery. For the most part, the book met my expectations. But the lack of plot development and romance focus was a letdown. Overall though, it’s a beautiful story filled with SO MANY powerful messages that can be relatable to current society.”

Want to participate in a buddy read?

If you’d like to participate in a buddy read, simply message me by clicking the Contact tab on my website. If you have a particular book in mind, make sure to leave that in the request. If you aren’t sure of a book, that’s okay! Either say you’re up for anything or check out my Want To Read shelf on Goodreads to see if there’s something we both have on our TBR!

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