Where Have I Been? Reading Slumps and Health

Hello beautiful people! As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been … very inconsistent this year. I have been humming and hawing about doing one of these posts, especially since I’m not THAT big in the blogging world. But after seeing so many of you still comment and visit and show your support, I wanted to share this with those I’ve grown close to. And also as a sort of therapy for me, to be honest.

This year … has been intense. I think we can ALL agree that COVID-19 has definitely caused a lot of mental and physical strain on everyone. The constant social media posts, the news outlets, the reoccurring reminder when putting on a mask … it’s basically never-ending. What’s even more difficult for me to admit is I felt rather left out in the book blog community. While so many of you took this time to read and get more creative with your blogs, I had no drive. Blogging became aggravating, reading became exhausting, and trying to reach out to people became overwhelming.

After a while, I finally started to get my motivation to read and blog again … when my health decided to just plummet. During the summer, my ankle decided to stop working and I twisted it … which is VERY painful, for those who don’t know … and it’s still not healed. Then at the beginning of September, I decided to do a reading and blogging and fitness challenge … but my appendix decided it didn’t want to belong in my body anymore … so after some agonizing pain, I said goodbye and kicked it out. Meaning September was my MAJOR RECOVERY MONTH! But it just made my mental health even more scattered. I couldn’t do anything on my own, I was constantly sore and I just felt absolutely useless. Luckily, I had a great support system. I’m so grateful to have a partner who TRULY went above and beyond to care for me, and some amazing friends who helped us out.

And like magic, I finally started to find joy in reading again. I don’t read that fast at the moment, but I’ve started to get that little spark of joy when I pick up a book and find some quiet reading moments. Bookstagram has become fun again, especially with a theme I really love and getting to know even more book lovers. But one thing I was REALLY missing was blogging, which has been WONDERFULLY WEIRD! Not only did I begin to miss writing, but I really missed everyone here. There are some people here I’ve known since the beginning of my blogging experience who STILL make sure to check up on me and show my posts some love. And there are so many new people that I want to get to know!

So that’s it! I know it’s a really personal post and not really related to my blog whatsoever, but I’m grateful to anyone who has taken the time to read this. I really miss you all and I’m HOPING to get back on track this month. My goal is two posts a week at the moment, so fingers crossed!

And if any of you have been experiencing a rough year and need someone to talk to, please never hesitate to reach out to me. You’re not alone.


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24 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? Reading Slumps and Health

    1. I’m glad too! And I loved being able to see some friendly faces on Bookstagram, but the algorithm messes that up a lot … ugh! I forgot how much I truly enjoy blogging until I finally decided to try and write a review again. I definitely will never be as active as I used to be, but I feel like that’s what’s going to help me stay without such long disappearing acts again.

      Thank you for coming by! I can’t wait to read your posts again!


  1. That’s awesome that you’re starting to feel like reading and blogging again! 😊💞
    I’m happy to see you’re back and recovering – as someone who’s appendix exploded and had to be removed, I understand that pain.
    I hope you continue to recover and find happiness and joy! ❤️

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  2. 2020 has not been anyones year but it sounds like it’s been particularly hard on you. Thanks for being so open and honest and what you’ve been going through, often that’s the hardest part. 💕

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