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To be honest folks, I don’t know if I should jump for joy or sit in a corner and cry. Have you ever read a book or series that just SPOKE to you at a time when you needed it most? Tucker’s Wild series has been that series for me, helping me mourn recent losses and find that SPARK in life.

I know … this might sound rather dramatic to some, but it’s almost like this series was a form of self-therapy for me. So as happy as I am that Tucker brought these beloved characters back, I’m so sad to have to say goodbye. Alright … let’s get to that review!

WARNING: Before you proceed, there will be SPOILERS to the previous two books if you haven’t read them (I can’t really review it without mentioning some). So PLEASE do not read any further if you wish to keep the spoilers at bay!

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Title: Forever Wild

Series: Wild, Book Two Point Five

Author: K.A. Tucker

Published on December 1st 2020 by K.A. Tucker

Format: eBook (Kindle ARC), 156 pages

Genre / Themes: Contemporary | Realistic Fiction | Romance

Synopsis: From the international bestselling author of The Simple Wild comes Forever Wild, a novella that continues the story of Calla’s journey to the Alaskan wild and a life she never imagined for herself.

The holiday season is upon Calla and Jonah, and with the mistletoe and gingerbread comes plenty of family drama. Jonah is bracing himself for two weeks with a stepfather he loathes, and while Calla is looking forward to her mother and Simon’s arrival, she dreads the continued pressure to set a date for their wedding … in Toronto. Add in one bullheaded neighbor’s unintentional meddling and another cantankerous neighbor’s own family strife, and Christmas in Trapper’s Crossing will be anything but simple.

Source: Goodreads

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review; thank you Valentine PR and K.A. Tucker for the opportunity to read and review this novel. This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.

Tucker’s Forever Wild continues about 6 months after the events of its predecessor, Wild at Heart. Calla and Jonah are both doing work that they love, while preparing for the holidays with family and wedding details for the future. The whole atmosphere of the novel is full of Christmas spirit, full of cozy vibes and snow fall and the fun of being with loved ones. If you’re looking for something to put you in the Christmas spirit, this is DEFINITELY the book for you.

The romance between Calla and Jonah just melts my heart so much; I love how much they’ve GROWN as a couple in this novella. They’re also just a HILARIOUS couple with some swoon-worthy intimate moments. But don’t worry, there are definitely some INTENSE scenes in this novel, adding to the drama of the novel. From last minute holiday celebrations to dysfunctional family bridges to overcome, Tucker provides a wealth of SUSPENSEFUL moments; she definitely had my heart racing a number of times.

I hate to say anything bad about this book, but I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED that some events were glossed over … and just skipped over completely. Yes, it’s a novella. But some events seemed too important or the highlight of the novel to just browse over, especially since this is the last in the series for Jonah and Calla.

At the end of it all, the whole book is about community and family. I loved seeing all of the favourites from the two preceding books, in addition to some new ones added into the mix. The community Calla and Jonah are apart of truly put everyone else before themselves, working together through the good and the bad. Though they get on each others nerves, they’ll truly do anything to protect one another.

Tucker wraps up Calla and Jonah’s story beautifully, bringing readers back to where it all began. The whole story felt like this euphoric circle of life moment, reminding readers to live in the present and cherish these moments.


Tucker’s Forever Wild is such a heart-warming read, bringing to life that Christmas spark and feeling of thankfulness. It’s honestly the hardest thing to say goodbye to these characters and this story; to be frank, I can’t even comprehend why. I’m going to miss the witty characters, Jonah and Calla’s banters, the cozy vibes of Alaska, and everything else about this series.

I recommend this novel if you enjoy: holiday books; focus on family and community; steamy romances; suspenseful dramatic moments; series based novels.

Discussion time!

I’m just going to go cry in a corner again. When I say that I cried my eyes out, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. I’m absolutely devastated to say goodbye to this amazing cast of characters, but I know there’s more to come in some possible spin-offs! Have you read this series or any other books by Tucker?




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  1. i’m so happy that you loved forever wild!!it sounds like such an amazing novel, and i can’t wait to read it soon!! i loved the review as well!! you put your emotions into words so fabulously!! i love love love the aesthetic of your blog, its gorgeous as well!! have an amazing day, and happy reading x ❤


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