Taylor Swift “Folklore” Reading Challenge 2021

Hello beautiful people!

As I mentioned in my previous book challenge post, this StoryGraph app is going to be my downfall … there are WAY too many fun challenges to try. The next one up I wanted to introduced to you all is the Folklore – Taylor Swift – Reading Challenge, created by angourierice. As some of you might know, I become obsessed with Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums she released in 2020; those indie and folk vibes are just calling to me! So OBVIOUSLY I had to participate in a Folklore themed reading challenge!

There’s also one for Evermore, for those of you who are interested.

What is the Folklore Taylor Swift Reading Challenge?

According to the webpage, this is “a year-long reading challenge themed around Taylor Swift’s latest album, folklore! You can combine challenges, and complete as many or as few as you’d like.” These “year-long” challenges are legit my new favourite thing … I hate feeling rushed but I love having prompts to complete that aren’t overwhelming, such as the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

There are 16 prompts in total, with a bonus one at the end, so it’s a pretty laid-back challenge for those who want to participate yet don’t want to cater ALL their books they read in the year towards filling prompts.

The Prompts

  1. the 1 – A book you want to give another chance
  2. cardigan – A comfort read
  3. the last great american dynasty – An historical fiction
  4. exile – A book with dual perspectives
  5. my tears ricochet – A book featuring a ghost
  6. mirrorball – A book featuring parties / balls / dances
  7. seven – A middle grade
  8. august – A book set during summer
  9. this is me trying – An award-winning literary novel
  10. illicit affairs – A book under 200 pages
  11. invisible string – A book with a colour in the title
  12. mad woman – A nonfiction book about feminism
  13. epiphany – A book about a hero
  14. betty – A YA contemporary romance
  15. peace – A book with a simplistic cover design
  16. hoax – A book with blue on the cover
  17. the lakes – A book published between 1800 and 1920 (inclusive)

Discussion time!

Are you participating in the Folklore Reading Challenge? I’ve already completed one prompt and have a book chosen for another, but please leave me some suggestions below! I have no idea how often I’ll show updates for this challenge, but we shall see!

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13 thoughts on “Taylor Swift “Folklore” Reading Challenge 2021

  1. I’m excited to do this on my own! I listened to the entire album via YouTube the week after it dropped. This past weekend, I lost myself in the documentary that was made about the album on Disney Plus. It was magical, and I want to see/visit the studio where it was filmed in suburban/rural New York in person someday!

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