January 2021 || Monthly Wrap Up

So, January happened. Seriously, where did January go?! I remember it used to go by so slooooooow … I’m thinking the COVID lockdown repetitiveness is making my days just MUSH all together, which makes time go fast sometimes (note: theory in progress). The StoryGraph app has become a new addiction of mine … it’s just so cool! I did a little wrap up in my Instagram stories using the features on The StoryGraph, so thought I’d try it out here!

Alrighty, folks. Here we go!

In The Life of Me

Gosh … life was a whirlwind this month, to be quite honest. With ALL of my surgeries and injuries and health issues in 2020, you’d think I’d start the year off fresh. NOPE! Because 2020 just HAD to give me ONE MORE THING that’d lead into my 2021 … how rude. In November, I was diagnosed with glaucoma … yes, you read that right. And please no AGE jokes, since I’ve heard SO MANY OF THOSE already. Luckily, it was caught SUPER early so there’s no damage to my eyes. I did have to get laser treatment done mid-January, but it was SUPER quick and pretty painless.

I also had panic attacks for almost 2 weeks straight at the beginning of the month? Found out, Canadians REALLY should take vitamin D in the winter *whoops* so I’m ALL good now.

Even though we’re in lockdown again, my partner and I have been making the most of it! We worked out for most of the month, had lots of cozy days in, and played a few virtual games with friends.

So yes, January was CHAOTIC. But overall, a decent month.

Pie graph.  Moods (2 lighthearted, 2 emotional, 1 reflective, 1 challenging, 1 mysterious, 1 adventurous).
Pie graph. Genres (2 LGBTQAI+, 2 Romance, 1 Young Adult, 1 Poetry, 1 Fantasy).

Well, that’s not SUPER shocking, to be honest. I’ve been really into the romance genre as of late, anything that’s happy and lighthearted. I DID read a fantasy for the first time in what feels like FOREVER … AND I FORGOT MY LOVE FOR FANTASY! I’ll discuss this more later, but let’s just say I REALLY need to make fantasy a priority in my life. Also … Young Adult is NOT A GENRE! Yup … I already complained about this before, but I’m going to again.

Pie graph. Fiction/Nonfiction (3 fiction and 1 nonfiction)
Pie graph. Pace (1 fast and 3 slow)
Pie graph. Page number (2 under 300 pages and 2 over 300 pages)

The fiction to nonfiction is pretty much going to look like this all of 2021, since I’m participating in the 12 Months, 12 Nonfictions challenge. I’d LIKE to say I’ll read more nonfiction … but we shall see. Pacing … I’m a little surprised? Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur is labelled as slow pace, but I’d argue that. So I honestly think this should be HALF fast and HALF slow.

Page numbers … I’m pretty impressed with myself ha-ha! I tend to read shorter books nowadays but I definitely picked up a few “longer” books this month. I got a few more for February, so I’m curious to see my stats at the end of the month.

My Month in Books || January Reads

I read a total of 4 books this month, which I’m happy with! I had to get eye surgery for my glaucoma (see LIFE UPDATES), so reading was put on hold for a couple of days. And then, well, Sims 4 and Guild Wars 2 happened (side note: if ANYONE plays Guild Wars 2, legit let me know ha-ha).

JINGLE WARS BY R. HOLMES AND VERONICA EDEN || This was actually a pretty cute holiday novel; I totally get the hype in the romance world on Instagram. There are a FEW things that bothered me, but I overall enjoyed the experience (review coming soon).

WRITTEN IN THE STARS BY ALEXANDRIA BELLEFLEUR || Oh my gosh … what a CUTE AND WHOLESOME STORY! I adored the characters so much, to the point I truly didn’t want it to end. That ending was … abrupt … but I still HIGHLY recommend this novel (review coming soon).

FABLE BY ADRIENNE YOUNG || … why did I wait so long to read this?! Oh, that’s right, because I already want the sequel and can’t have it! I definitely pre-ordered it. Pirates? Check. Intriguing story? Check. Bad*** women characters? Check (review coming soon).

BUILD YOURSELF A BOAT BY CAMONGHNE FELIX || This was a HARD read … I was not emotionally prepared for it. But I love how passionate and unforgiving Felix is; it’s something we really need, especially when it comes to black lives. I’m eager to read more of her works (review coming soon).

On The Blog || Book Reviews

SERIOUS MOONLIGHT BY JENN BENNETT || Bennett’s story’s a heartfelt coming of age romance novel, filled with questions about the future and not being scared to try new things. There’s also a lot of representation in this novel: racial diversity, non-traditional families; mental and physical health concerns. Even though I have some quarrels about this novel, I would still recommend it mainly for these focal points (full review available here).

HOME BODY BY RUPI KAUR || “home body” is a beautiful collection of prose and confessional style poetry, using a writing style and format that combines both her Canadian and Indian roots. I adore the aesthetic of her poetry and the immense amount of topics discussed in her works (full review available here).

SWIMMING LESSONS BY LILI REINHART || From the beautiful illustrations to the way the poems were written, I (unfortunately) have rather mixed thoughts on Swimming Lessons. The diary entry like quality to her works was fun, and the illustrations throughout the collection are breathtaking. Though some of the language felt flat and novice like, you can FEEL she has the heart of a poet (full review available here).

FAKING UNDER THE MISTLETOE BY ASHLEY SHEPHERD || Oh my gosh! This was simply the CUTEST Christmas romance! Both a fake to real AND a hate to love romance story, Faking Under the Mistletoe just gives off all of those cozy and heartwarming vibes. With a juicy steam factor and two amazingly witty characters, this novel is the PERFECT winter holiday novel for romance lovers to enjoy (full review available here).

Blog Updates

To be honest? Not much! I’m happy with my blogging at the moment. I’m not blogging everyday and I don’t check everyone’s posts every day, but taking it easy and blogging when I FEEL like it rather than FORCING myself to has helped A LOT with my anxiety. I’m hoping to post a bit more this month, but I’m also not going to be upset with myself if I don’t.

I did my first two reels EVER on Instagram, so that was fun! And one hit like 6K views in half a day, so I feel kind of epic (#coolkidoverhere). I’m hoping to do more bullet journal based reels in the future, but finding the proper lighting during the winter in Canada doesn’t make this feat easy. If you’re interested, you can see my bullet journal spread here and my bookish candle haul here.

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13 thoughts on “January 2021 || Monthly Wrap Up

  1. oh god I’m so sorry that 2021 hasn’t started in the best of ways with your health either, i’m glad it was caught in early. Im sending you all the love and hope that the rest of the year will be better ❤
    I'm so happy you enjoyed Fable! I'm currently reading it and am pleasantly surprised, I thought I'd like it okay but so far I'm really loving it ahah 🙂

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