Jingle Wars by R. Holmes & Veronica Eden || Book Review

Two inns, one town, and there’s not enough room for the both of them.

Add in a reindeer-ish donkey, a Christmas competition, and a rivalry to end all rivalries and you’re bound to end up in disaster, right?

Finn Mayberry has enough on his plate trying to keep his Grandparents inn afloat. The last thing he needed was some California state of mind starlet bulldozing into his town and throwing up a five-star resort right next to his family’s inn.

But, now she’s here and he can’t get her out of his town or his head.

Freya Anderson took one look at the snowcapped mountains of Hollyridge and fell in love. She’s finally here and ready to take on the task of proving to her father that she can handle running Alpine.

She never expected to make enemies with the sinfully delicious lumberjack of a man who runs the inn next door. He’s moody, impossible and completely off limits.

There can only be one winner, but you know what they say. All is fair in love and… Jingle Wars?


Jingle Wars kindle cover

Title: Jingle Wars

Authors: R. Holmes & Veronica Eden

Published on November 10th, 2020 (Independently published)

Format: Kindle, 276 pages

Genre / Themes: Contemporary | Humour | Realistic Fiction | Romance


A hallmark love story in novel form, Jingle Wars is a fun and cute holiday romance to dive yourself into.

I was not expecting the amount of depth with Finn and Freya’s own stories. And I found it interesting how they mirrored one another. Freya’s the “privileged rich woman” with an estranged relationship with her family, especially with her father. Finn, on the other hand, has a loving and supportive family, but they have financial and health issues to worry about. I enjoyed the comparative dynamic, especially how they use their own strengths to help one another.

The banter between these two’s HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh … their competitive natures with the Jingle Wars was something else! And I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the SMUT level of this novel. Sexy and intimate, Finn and Freya are on a WHOLE new level.

There are a few things in the novel that rubbed me the wrong way. Freya and Finn’s BRIEF discussion on lack of protection (because she has an IUD) showed a lot of immaturity in my opinion, especially since the two barely know one another. Finn also seemed rather possessive at times, which is NOT healthy whatsoever.

AND THE PERFECT BODIES … COME ON! Can we just, for once, have characters who are described by words other than perfect? I wanted more depth in that regard. I also found the relationship moved a little too fast, especially near the end of the novel. But it also felt natural, so I’m not TOO upset by it.

Despite some of the nitpicking, Jingle Wars is an insanely steamy and comical romance holiday story. Full of whimsical winter getaways and beautiful holiday vibes, this novel shows the power of community and love, through the good and the bad.

I recommend this novel if you enjoy: enemies-to-lovers trope; high smut level; holiday romance; happy endings; insta-love.




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