Books I’ve Read: The 2018 Version

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to the 2018 version of the Books I’ve Read post! Anything I’ve read in 2018 will be posted here; if I’ve written a review for it, the link will connect to it! I was SUPPOSED to post this at the beginning of the year and just update it…but you know…that didn’t happen…what a shocker!!!

I decided to participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’ll post those here too since I’m reading them in 2018. HOWEVER, if you’d like to check out the books I plan to read, you can click on the links above and see my book shelves on my Goodreads page!

Happy Reading!

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Resources to Help you Host a Giveaway (in Canada)

Hello beautiful people!

Recently, I hosted a 500 followers giveaway towards a purchase at the Book Depository. When I decided to host this giveaway, I came across a number of challenges. However, the biggest concerns I had was the legal issues within Canada…

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Exclusive Promo and Review: Literary Book Gifts

Hello beautiful people!

Melissa, the individual who runs the company Literary Book Gifts, contacted me sometime during the summer in regards to reviewing her bookish products. In this post, you will find information regarding: the “aboutness” of Literary Book Gifts, my review of the products, and my promo code you can use to receive a discount on all items.

Let’s get to it!

Content Warning: There IS a GIF in this post that contains coarse language.

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A Book Swap with the phenomenal Marija @ Inside My Library Mind


Hello lovelies! Side note…completely random…after a thorough look of my blog…I apparently love the word “phenomenal”…random thought done.

Lucky for me, I had the privilege of being a part of Inside My Library Mind’s Book Swap Series; I truly love her blog and have been obsessed with her posts since I first started blogging. If you want to see what a real genuine book blog looks like, go visit her site please! Oh! But please come back and read this too…ha-ha.

The Book Swap: I look at Marija’s “read” shelf on Goodreads and choose FIVE books that I think sound interesting. Marija then goes through my choices and discusses her thoughts on my choices, in addition in choosing ONE book she thinks I would enjoy the most. Then vice versa: Marija goes to my “read” shelf on Goodreads and chooses FIVE books that she finds interesting. I examine her choices and discuss my thoughts on them, in addition to choosing ONE book I believe she would greatly enjoy.

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Bookmark Your Thoughts Blog Anniversary

Wow…my blog anniversary has arrived! Technically, I’ve had this blog for 3 years now. However, THIS blog anniversary is when I officially started Bookmark Your Thoughts and published my first post!

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Update: Recognition for Winter Time Theme Images

Hello beautiful people!

With the holidays being a busy time of year for everyone, I wasn’t able to update Bookmark Your Thoughts to the winter theme until just recently.

However…the wait was COMPLETELY worth it! Naj, the owner of the Whimsical Logo Shop has done it again! The winter theme is so beautiful and dainty, adding just the right touch of beauty and simplicity to Bookmark Your Thoughts. I can’t get enough of how remarkable she is!

From December 21 to March 20, the theme will be the Winter images below.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

Hello beautiful people!

Well, I’ve made a decision to discontinue “Top Ten Tuesday” posts (…I may have already mentioned this in my monthly wrap up but that’s okay). I love them but they’re pretty long and take a while to finish; this is probably the reason as to why I started “Top 5 Wednesdays”. So…this is my LAST and FINAL “Top Ten Tuesday”.

If you ever have an inking to read them, please look under the “Bookish Posts” subheading or use the search bar.

Remember that you can find the weekly topics at The Broke and the Bookish page!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read

I think think this is my favourite Top Ten Tuesday post thus far, since I’m super excited to one day be a momma-bear and read books to my children in the hopes they too become little bookworms!

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Update: Recognition for Fall Time Theme Images

Hello beautiful people!

As you know, I have ALL my headers and signatures and ratings and other images on my blog created by one fantastic individual – Naj from the Whimsical Logo Shop! Her shop it splendid and adorable, she’s very approachable, and the price is right!

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