Bullet Journal January 2019

Hello beautiful people!

Would you look at that…another bullet journal post! As I mentioned in my previous post, I COMPLETELY forgot the long process of creating a new bullet journal for a new year…which is why this is rather delayed. My bad…

Any who, here’s my first monthly entry for 2019!

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A New Year, A New Journal! Bullet Journal for 2019

Happy New Year once again, everyone!

I’ve probably mentioned this on a number of accounts, but I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions; however, one thing I do want to accomplish in 2019 is growing my bullet journaling skills and focusing more on actually USING it!

Below you will find my new bullet journal for 2019 (which I’ll definitely need a second one). This post will discuss my inspirations, the resources I used, present my “edited” photos, and conclude on some things I wish I did instead.

Forewarning: Since I’m discussing almost EACH page in addition to adding photos, this is going to be a larger post than normal. For future posts, I can place a slideshow of all the photos rather than individual photos. Please let me know your preference!!

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Bullet Journal November 2018

Hello beautiful people!

As discussed over the past couple of months, I was planning on showing my previous month completely filled in my current month post. The issue with this (I finally realize…) is that I can’t post until after the current month has already started…which kinda defeats the purpose.

So moving forward, I’m only posting the new monthly spread – as I’ve mentioned before, please let me know if you’d like additional information such as how I plan my layouts or where I buy my resources and so forth.

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Bullet Journal October 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Soooooo close to actually posting this before the beginning of the month. I actually finished the my October spread on time, but then life got in the way. I’ve been trying to get back more into yoga and other forms of fitness, so blogging has been somewhat secondary. Anyways, it’s still PRETTY early in the month so if you want to copy this spread you definitely can!

One thing you’ll notice is a slideshow of the previous month in this post. For next month, I plan to post my completed October layout in a slideshow rather than simply placing a slideshow of the previous month not filled out…but I wanted to see how popular this is first before deciding to make this a permanent part of the post.

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Bullet Journal September 2018

Hello beautiful people!

With the move to the new condo and getting back into a healthy fitness lifestyle, my bullet journal post took longer than expected. The aesthetic could work well for an October layout though, so I thought I would still post now in case anyone wanted to use this for their own upcoming October 2018 layout.

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Bullet Journal August 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Yes…I’ve FINALLY started Bullet Journal shenanigans again! I just kind was sick and tired of my layouts and I wanted to buy more materials before I started these up again…and I’m starting to “feel” it again. I still want to try and make it a little more minimal but I will get to that aesthetic one day!

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Bullet Journal April 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m back…yay! The hiatus was needed…very much needed. Now, I just need to start writing some posts and catching up on everything you’ve all been up to while I was away…which may take a while.

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Bullet Journal March 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m still debating if you would all rather see the Bullet Journals at the beginning or end of the month…the beginning makes more sense, though it’s not filled out much since I would’ve just created it.

If you guys could, please let me know if you prefer to see these right at the beginning of the month or throughout it…thank you!

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Bullet Journal February 2018

Hello beautiful people!

A little late…but what else is new; I really should’ve named my blog something along the lines of “better late than never”!

Again, please see the links at the end to see the original creators of these designs and layouts! I actually did try to do my own thing this month, but I definitely was inspired by a few popular Bullet Journal bloggers.

If there are any items you wish to know more about that I’ve used, please let me know! If enough people ask, I can always make a most on the items I use for Bullet Journal-ing.

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Bullet Journal January 2018

As promised, I’ve decided to start publishing posts on my Bullet Journal shenanigans. Firstly, almost ALL of these are taken from other Bullet Journal bloggers who are wonderful enough to share their creations; I’ll provide links to their social media outlets where they’ve posted the work I’ve taken ideas from. I didn’t most from the beginning where it shows my yearly wants and plans, but please let me know if you’re interested and I definitely will post some photos!

If there are any items you wish to know more about that I’ve used, please let me know! If enough people ask, I can always make a most on the items I use for Bullet Journal-ing.

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