Stationery Haul January 2019 || Stationery

Hello beautiful people!

So … a while back, I did a HUGE stationery haul purchase on Amazon CA and Tombow USA. Unfortunately, Canada Post had a strike and a number of the items I purchased took a while to come in (no biggie).


Below you will find ALL of the items I purchased, which have been organized by: pens and markers, washi tape, organization, and miscellaneous. As you go through, there’s something I’d like feedback on in the comments if you could:

Do you prefer me listing my entire HAUL or would you like me to provide posts based off of the TYPE of stationery (i.e. pens and marker, washi tape, organization, etc.)?

Have fun and enjoy!

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Bullet Journal April 2019 || Plan With Me

Hello beautiful people!

Here’s to a “hopefully” warmer month with sunshine, flowers, and blue skies! I, for one, am tired of snow and cold — so I used warmer colours and lots of floral decor in this layout ha-ha! I hope you enjoy it!

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The Best Bullet Journal Notebooks || Stationery

Hello beautiful people!

As some of you know, I’ve decided to incorporate more Bullet Journal (BuJo) posts on Bookmark Your Thoughts; not only do I enjoy BuJo’s, but a number of you have asked for certain posts regarding the subject.

So where better to start than selecting a notebook that suits your needs! Below are five bullet journals that I believe to be the best on a number of different features and tests. This is in no way a complete list of BuJo notebooks, but it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the BuJo world!

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Bullet Journal March 2019 || Plan With Me

Hello beautiful people!

People … I, Jenna the Book Blogger, have ACTUALLY posted my monthly spread BEFORE the next month! Yes … I’m proud of myself.

Also … I’m still really new to photography and photo editing — so if ANYONE has suggestions for me to basically make the image more “natural” and show the colours more, PLEASE let me know!

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Bullet Journal February 2019 || Plan With Me

Hello beautiful people!

Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties this past weekend – but here is the post! What’s nice is you can use this for any month – the theme is pretty much another floral pattern.

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Best Bullet Journal Bloggers & Accounts to Follow || Resources

Hello beautiful people!

A number of you have been curious about the items I use for my bullet journals and where I find inspiration from. A post highlighting my favourite supplies will happen eventually, but I want to gather more research and perform some tests of my own before writing that post.

HOWEVER … there are an INSANE number of bloggers, YouTube Channels, and Instagram accounts for you to follow that will help you get started with your own Bullet Journal creation. From some minimalist day-to-day journals to budget tracking and blogging statistics overviews, the ideas are limitless!

Below you will find My Top 5 Bullet Journal Sources when it comes to inspiration and bullet journal goals. There are SO MANY more resources to choose from, but I chose these specifically since I find they cater to my tastes and I’m constantly going back to them.

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A New Year, A New Journal! Bullet Journal for 2019

Happy New Year once again, everyone!

I’ve probably mentioned this on a number of accounts, but I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions; however, one thing I do want to accomplish in 2019 is growing my bullet journaling skills and focusing more on actually USING it!

Below you will find my new bullet journal for 2019 (which I’ll definitely need a second one). This post will discuss my inspirations, the resources I used, present my “edited” photos, and conclude on some things I wish I did instead.

Forewarning: Since I’m discussing almost EACH page in addition to adding photos, this is going to be a larger post than normal. For future posts, I can place a slideshow of all the photos rather than individual photos. Please let me know your preference!!

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