Three Day Lyrical Challenge: Day Three of Three

Hello beautiful people!

And here we are, the last day of the Three Day Lyrical Challenge! Daniel @ Page to Page is the one who tagged me in this; his blog’s amazing and the posts are astounding. If you haven’t already visited and started following his site, you really need to get on that.
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Three Day Lyrical Challenge: Day Two of Three

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to day two! Once again, thank you Daniel @ Page to Page for tagging me in the Three Day Lyrical Challenge! This has been really difficult…there are so many songs to choose!!!
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Three Day Lyrical Challenge: Day One of Three

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you so much Daniel @ Page to Page for tagging me in the Three Day Lyrical Challenge! Besides reading, my other passion definitely falls under music…so I’m super excited to take part in this!
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The Social Media Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall published a post on The Social Media Tag sometime in July, and I thought it was absolutely adorable! Not only is it an excuse to do a tag, but it’s also a great way to showcase all these amazing bloggers that you may not know about but you REALLY should!

For this, I’m trying to pick people who haven’t been tagged yet (though there are people I want to tag that already have been…*cough* Kelly *cough*). Sorry if you already have been tagged!

Side note: Kelly is SUPER adorable and a fabulous blogger. We just connected recently this year and she’s truly a remarkable human being.
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Mystery Blogger Award Number Two

Hello beautiful people!

LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award, to which I’m VERY grateful for…thank you love! Flying Paperbacks is a beautiful blog…LaRonda does a phenomenal job with reviews, bookish posts, and being in touch with those in the book blogging community. It’s a very cute and minimalist style looking blog…which I am IN LOVE WITH! So please go and visit LaRonda’s blog!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award Number Four

Hello beautiful people!

Wow…four times being nominated…you are all WAY too kind ha-ha. Thank you so much Norees, the owner of NoReadsTooGreat blog, for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Out of all the award tags, I think this one is my favourite; I always hope that people believe my blog spreads sunshine in the the blogging community.

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The Unique Blogger Award Number Three

Hello beautiful people!

Third times a charm — I’m officially “unique” (this was never a surprise, since I characterize myself as a rather “unique” individual…though it’s not necessarily a compliment when I say it to myself…he-he). Jokes aside, thank you so much Rebecca for nominating me! You’re such a sweetheart.

As per usual peeps, make sure to visit the blogger! Honestly, Rebecca’s Bookishly Rebecca blog is fantastic! I love the way she writes, since it feels really personal but still straight to the point in her reviews. She’s also just an incredible human being…so that’s a bonus in itself.

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