September 11 Attacks: A moment to pause

It’s been 16 years since this attack, and I still feel as though it was just yesterday.

During the September 11 attacks, I was 10 years old. I remember sitting at school, when our teachers started making whispers and asking children to come see them. Eventually, we learned of the attacks. Though I live in Canada, many of our families and friends were there that day. I remember seeing friends cry as they wonder what happened to their parents or grandparents, upset since we don’t understand the gravity of that situation that occurred.

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Autism Speaks Walk Ottawa 2017: I Walk for a Cure

Hello everyone,

This is a really personal post and I’m a little uncomfortable posting it. I have this thing with posting too much about personal things and asking for aid as I feel like an inconvenience. People have their own problems, so why prod-cast mind? But this isn’t for me, and I’m not going to ruin something special due to my awkwardness.

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