This or That Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Oh…I know…I actually exist…funny thing eh? I feeeeeel as though 2018 is going to be my “I hide away and then creep back” year. It’s already been a crazy start and I feel as though I’m going to have to learn to get my bearings on how to balance work, fitness, books, reviewing, blogging, instagramming, and life fun…without going crazy…so please bear with me this year ha-ha!

Any who…thank you Tyr over at The Perks of Being a Nerd for tagging me in the This or That Book Tag. Not only is this blog great, but Tyr is a wonderful human being! We’ve chatted on and off, and it’s always a pleasure to discuss topics such as books, blogging, and miscellaneous shenanigans. Please go visit The Perks of Being a Nerd!

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Three Quotes in Three Days: Day One

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you Laura Beth at Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me in the 3 Quotes in 3 Days Tag. People…please go visit her blog. It was actually Laura Beth who got me into blogging; she’s a wonderful human with a beautiful soul. Helpful and resourceful, she’s just someone you’ll want to get to know.

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The Narnia Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

So…I haven’t exactly finished all of the Chronicles of Narnia books (whoopsie). I had always meant to, but they yet again were lost in my collection of books to read. I’ve read a few and I’ve watched all the films, but this will hopefully push me to read the entire series.

Thank you Sydney for tagging me! Sydney, the owner of Fire and Rain Books, is truly remarkable! I’ve been very lucky to have known her for a while now, almost since I started Bookmark Your Thoughts. She’s a sweetheart and a phenomenal blogger, one you should really connect with if you haven’t already.

The creator of this book tag is Clémence @ Clemi’s Bookish World. The source for the images can be viewed by clicking on the image.

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Bullet Journal April 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m back…yay! The hiatus was needed…very much needed. Now, I just need to start writing some posts and catching up on everything you’ve all been up to while I was away…which may take a while.

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Bullet Journal March 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m still debating if you would all rather see the Bullet Journals at the beginning or end of the month…the beginning makes more sense, though it’s not filled out much since I would’ve just created it.

If you guys could, please let me know if you prefer to see these right at the beginning of the month or throughout it…thank you!

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Bullet Journal February 2018

Hello beautiful people!

A little late…but what else is new; I really should’ve named my blog something along the lines of “better late than never”!

Again, please see the links at the end to see the original creators of these designs and layouts! I actually did try to do my own thing this month, but I definitely was inspired by a few popular Bullet Journal bloggers.

If there are any items you wish to know more about that I’ve used, please let me know! If enough people ask, I can always make a most on the items I use for Bullet Journal-ing.

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The Fictional Family Book Tag

Finally! I can officially say I’ve caught up on the book tags I’ve been tagged in for a while now. Thank you Tyr for tagging me in this really interesting book tag; I can’t wait to see what my fictional family will be like. Tyr is the owner of the blog The Perks of Being a Nerd, a fantastic blog full of fun tags and insightful reviews! Please go visit this blog!

The creator of this book tag is Marrill over at Books and Ravens.

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Bullet Journal January 2018

As promised, I’ve decided to start publishing posts on my Bullet Journal shenanigans. Firstly, almost ALL of these are taken from other Bullet Journal bloggers who are wonderful enough to share their creations; I’ll provide links to their social media outlets where they’ve posted the work I’ve taken ideas from. I didn’t most from the beginning where it shows my yearly wants and plans, but please let me know if you’re interested and I definitely will post some photos!

If there are any items you wish to know more about that I’ve used, please let me know! If enough people ask, I can always make a most on the items I use for Bullet Journal-ing.

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