The Muppet’s Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Growing up, I remember watching more Sesame Street than The Muppet’s … but I STILL loved them! The movies are, to this day, absolutely hilarious! Thank you Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me!

The Muppets

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OMG That Song Book Tag

So…I’m pretty sure Laura Beth and I are playing “book tags” tag right now ha-ha! Thank you love for yet another awesome book tag you’ve tagged me in (…goodness…how many times can one type “tag” in a sentence?!)! As you all probably know by now, Hot Shot Headlines is one of my favourite blogs: it’s fun, full of unique posts (not just book reviews), and the owner has such a beautiful soul. Continue reading “OMG That Song Book Tag”

BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Jess @ beaucoupbooks created a book tag called “BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag”. After commenting on it, she mentioned I should give it a go…so here I am! By the way…Jess’s blog is wonderful! It’s so organized, clean, and full of valuable information; she’s a sweetheart to boot!

I’m not gonna lie…I had no idea what BTS meant; for everyone else, it’s a South Korean boy band…I miss the days when boy and girl groups were more popular! I totally listened to them while working on this…they’re quite good! If you want to have a listen, check out their YouTube channel!

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Spring Cleaning Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Oh my…I was tagged a WHILE ago in the Spring Cleaning Book Tag…my bad. Any who, thank you so much Alyssa Grace @ Serendipitous Reads and Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me! They’re both OBVIOUSLY amazing bloggers; they both have their own unique writing style and bring a wealth of knowledge to the blogging community!
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This is My Genre Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you Tyr @ The Perks of Being a Nerd for tagging me in the This is My Genre book tag! Tyr tagged me WAY back in June 2018…sorry love for the late post! You MUST check our Tyr’s blog, it’s absolutely phenomenal!
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The Book Blogger Test Tag

Hello beautiful people!

A while back, Melanie @ meltotheany posted the Book Blogger Test tag … and I just thought it was SO COOL! In her comments, she officially tagged me … thank you love! She’s an absolute doll and has an amazing book blog! If you haven’t seen her site yet, you definitely should!

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Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

Hello beautiful people!

So…my “Let’s Talk Banned Books” post went out…and it wasn’t finished…so if you read it and noticed that the information was completely and utterly wrong…that is why…#soembarrassed

THIS is the proper post…have fun!

The Orangutan Librarian tagged me in this A LONG TIME AGO…I’ve been tagged a lot recently…so it’s been hard to catch up…but I totally love it!

Thank you again love for tagging me in the Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag! As always, I have nothing but love for this blogger! You MUST know The Orangutan Librarian if you’re a huge book blog lover. If not…go visit the site now!
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90’s Movie Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Well, this is a PERFECT tag for me…I AM a 90’s baby after all…Spice Girls, Rugrats, and Tamagotchis anyone?

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The Cliché Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Lately…I’ve been SO proud of my blogging “ness”! Rather than trying to get a bunch done throughout the week, I’ve gone back to doing a few on the weekend and setting them for weeks later #soproud.

The freakin’ remarkable The Orangutan Librarian (sorry love…I just realized I don’t even know your name…) for tagging me in the The Cliché Book Tag. Again, I can’t begin to express how amazing this blogger is…I don’t even have to justify it…go over to the blog…proof enough RIGHT THERE! Continue reading “The Cliché Book Tag”