Creative Ways to Fill Your Empty Journals || Journaling

Graphomania: an obsession with writing (Collins Dictionary). That undeniable urge to grab your journal and pen, and begin writing whatever comes to mind. Poetry, travel logs, feelings and thoughts, daily tasks, checklists, stories — the never-ending list of possible writing prompts. Does this feel at all relatable?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a lover of literature and words. Reading and writing have constantly been a form of therapy for me, bringing me comfort by simply looking at a book or holding a journal. I can’t recall a single moment of my teenage years where I didn’t own and use a journal for SOME amazing possibility. But like many things, my time using journals and reading was put on hold as the bombardment of adulthood took over.

At the start of 2017, I made the decision to join the book blogging community to help bring my love of reading back to life. But what I wasn’t expecting was my love of journaling to also rise once again; the book blog community is FULL of NUMEROUS and CREATIVE ways to use journals! That NEED to pick up a pen and write things down started to come back, making my love of journaling ignite once more.

So for all you who love to journal, want to find ways to love journaling, or loved it once and can’t seem to get that urge to try again, here are a number of ways to find uses out of those unused journals (or excuses to go out and buy one).

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