August Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

August has been a CRAZY month! Not only have I been trying to get better at blogging and reading (which I think I’m doing pretty good so far), but I’ve also been in the midst of moving to my first home (#adulting)! I’ll probably spam some photos on here later for those interested he-he!

But that’s enough about my mundane life…let’s get into the good stuff!

DO have a book blog question for you guys…which is at the bottom of this post…so you can skip to their if you’d like.

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July Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

…now that I’m becoming “pretty active” again…I’ve realized that I haven’t posted one of these since FEBRUARY OF THIS YEAR!! #whatjusthappened

It’s okay though…since I plan to use this as a way to keep on top of everything ha-ha!

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OwlCrate May 2018 Unboxing: Fight Like A Girl

Hello beautiful people!

Yup…I’m finally posting these again. I may stop buying OwlCrate’s for a bit though; I want to try some other book based subscriptions for a little bit.

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OwlCrate February 2018 Unboxing: Hidden Worlds

Hello beautiful people!

Okay…slightly better with posting the OwlCrate Unboxing posts. The March 2018 OwlCrate Box hasn’t come in yet, so at least this is being publishing before then! A *bleep-bloop* for me (that’s the achievement noise on the Xbox 360)!

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February Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

With so much overtime at work, it’s been pretty difficult to read more and focus on blogging. Hopefully, everything will start to simmer down soon and life will go back to a relatively normal pace.

Anyways, this WON’T be a crazy-awesome-fantastic monthly wrap up…but hey, it’s something!

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OwlCrate January 2018 Unboxing: Fearsome Fairy Tales

Hello beautiful people!

Ha-ha…here I am, a month and a half later posting the January 2018 OwlCrate Box; you’d think I would’ve at LEAST posted the same month I received the box. Good news – I will have the February 2018 OwlCrate posted in a couples of days! I call that a moderate success!

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January Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Well, January was definitely not that productive on the blog itself, but my organization for Bookmark Your Thoughts as been rather productive! I can’t wait to really get started on posting more frequently in February!

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Book Review: Friendship is Like a Seesaw by Shona Innes

“Friendship is like a seesaw.
Sometimes you might feel up in the air
when your friend feels low.
Other times you might feel down,
when your friend is up.
When things are balanced, both friends are happy.”

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OwlCrate December 2017 Unboxing: Seize the Day

Hello beautiful people!

It’s a TAD late…okay, it’s a really late post…but I’m finally posting about the OwlCrate December 2017 box subscription. Being away for the holidays, I didn’t get to open up the OwlCrate until after the holidays, to which I eventually forgot to post about…woopsie.

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December Wrap-Up 2017

Hello beautiful people!

Happy New Years Eve!!! I’m so excited for the New Years celebrations to begin; this is definitely typed up in advance, since I’m partying it up in Toronto with one of my closest friends (…who I am also a Maid of Honour for) and a few others!

Though there have been many ups and downs this year, being in the book blogging community has been one of the many highlights of my 2017 experiences. You’re all such wonderful and beautiful people.

So thank you to the people who’ve been blogging for a long time and find the chance to make us newbies feel welcomed, and thank you to the people who are new yet still reach out and make it easier to connect in this blogging world.

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