Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett || Book Review

“For the evaders, avoiders, dodgers, and side-steppers.
You probably have a good reason for hiding.
May you work through it and find your inner lion.”

An undeniably adorable YA romance novel, Jenn Bennett’s Alex, Approximately is the perfect read to rekindle those “gushy” feelings of passion and young love. When Bailey moves to California for a fresh start, she begins her ultimate plan – to find her online soulmate “Alex” before the summer ends. But when she begins a “love-hate” entanglement with the gorgeous yet irritating “security-surfer boy” Porter Roth, things grow more complicated than she anticipated. A breezy summer read full of laughter and awe, Bennett’s standalone novel makes the thought of love so much more beautiful than it already is.

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Dreamy Book Cover Tag || Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

I’m FINALLY starting to catch up on all the book tags — YAY!! Thank you Sissi, the owner of The Book World blog, for tagging me in the Dreamy Book Cover tag!

dreamy book covers tag.PNG

Sissi’s blog is wonderful, so you really should head over and explore it if you haven’t already done so!

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Holiday Drinks Book Tag || Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Meghan at Meghan’s Whimsical Explorations & Reviews tagged me “some time” ago in the Holiday Drinks Book Tag! Meghan is a lovely human being with incredible content on her blog – you REALLY need to go over and visit her blog if you haven’t yet.

Funny enough, I was also JUST tagged by Laura Beth at Hot Shot Headlines! She was one of the FIRST people I followed on WordPress and was one of the first people to reach out to me. She has an incredibly large heart and a wonderful amount of content to browse through on her blog. So please visit her blog as well!

Thank you Meghan for tagging me!

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The Mid-Autumn Festive Tag || Book Tag

Wow…this is EMBARRASSING! The Orangutan Librarian (who is flippin’ amazing, by the way) tagged me in The Mid-Autumn Festive Tag back in November 2018…let’s just say I was struggling to catch up on tags.

Thank you again darlin’ for tagging me!

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Harry Potter Christmas Tag || Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Charleigh Writes created a phenomenal book tag: Harry Potter Christmas Tag! Obviously, this is amazing – who doesn’t love both Harry Potter AND the Christmas season?! It’s past the holiday season…but that’s okay!

Great work Charleigh and thank you for tagging me in your first ever book tag!! However…this is going to be hard NOT picking a Harry Potter book ha-ha!

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Ringing in the New Year Book Tag (2019 Edition)

It’s that magical time of year once again…

From me to you, Happy 2019 Everyone!

Even though the posts were not as frequent and the amount of reading I wished to accomplished slightly decreased, I realized many things about my reading self in 2018 that are most definitely going to help my reading and blogging goals for 2019! Not only this, but I feel as though I REALLY got to know more of you on a personal level – thank you to those individuals!

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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

That awkward moment when you realized you were tagged back in AUGUST and it’s almost DECEMBER…Oh yea…that happened. Thank you to the beautiful Mandy for tagging me in her original Disney Princess Hair Book Tag, a tag that she and Kyera from Kyera’s Library created! They are both spectacular bloggers, so please give their sites a visit! Continue reading “Disney Princess Hair Book Tag”

Top 5 Wednesday: Books to Give Hufflepuff’s as Gifts

Hello beautiful people!

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic is Books to Give _____ as Gifts: Create a recommendations guide for a person. Be creative with this. It can be simple such as “books for parents”, more elaborate like “books for Ravenclaws”, or expert level like “books for -insert your favorite fictional character here-“. You can even take out the category completely and have all 5 be suggestions for different types of people!!

I tend to affiliate with both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but lately I’ve been feeling the Hufflepuff love. If you want to know more about Hufflepuffs prior to reading this, you can visit Pottermore!

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Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag | Blogmas 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Kristin, the owner of Kristin Kraves Books, published the Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag the other day and I simply HAD to participate – it looks like so much fun! Funny enough, I was also tagged just yesterday by Kimberly over at Bookish Kimberly to do this tag…apparently, this is becoming rather popular!

If you don’t know either of these blogs yet, you need to check them out! Both Kristin and Kimberly write beautiful reviews and are just lovely human beings!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Book Wish List

Hello beautiful people!

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic is Book Wish List: If you celebrate a gift-giving holiday this time of year, or even if you don’t, talk about the books or bookish items you have on your wish list!

This is going to be a combo of bookish items and books that I really want … because seriously, why choose?!

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