Book Review: I’d Rather Be Reading by Guinevere de la Mare

“At first, the other kids in the class – those who hadn’t been brave enough to stand up to Big Literacy – were envious of the freedom that allowed us to doodle at our desks during reading time. But after a few days, something began to shift. We began to get bored. And all the other kids started to be able to do something we couldn’t. They were looking at letters but seeing words. Suddenly they had a superpower, and we didn’t. My days of academic protest were over.”

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I Heart #Bookstagram Tag!

Hello beautiful people!

Scrolling through the never-ending Reader Feed of people I follow on WordPress, I happened to find a really interesting tag that Hidden Behind Hardbacks did. It’s called the I Heart #Bookstagram Tag, which basically introduces people to your Bookstagram and also helps you find others who utilize Instagram.

Pretty neat, eh? Let’s begin!

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