The Logophile Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall recently created her own book blog tag called The High School Stereotypes Book Tag. Always wanting to create my own book blog tag, Kelly has inspired me to give it a go!

The tag is called The Logophile Book Tag. A logophile is “a lover of words”. Since I’m truly fascinated with the concept of language and words, this seemed fairly appropriate. All the questions below are based off of remarkable yet seldomly used expressions or terms.
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Book Review: The Colonel and the Bee by Patrick Canning

“If there was one thing to know about the Colonel, it was that his brand of reasoning was peculiar and entirely his own. If there was a second thing to be known, it was that his methods often showed results.”

A brilliantly written story full of humor and wit, Patrick Canning’s The Colonel and the Bee features an epic “around-the-world” adventure with rather peculiar characters and a grand treasure hunt. After escaping her brutal life in the circus, Beatrix “Bee” becomes part of the Colonel’s crew on his flying ship and becomes entangled in a mystery adventure like none other. With a captivating plot and a rather humorous undertone, Canning’s novel displays the true essence of the steampunk and adventure genres in a splendid manner.

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Bullet Journal October 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Soooooo close to actually posting this before the beginning of the month. I actually finished the my October spread on time, but then life got in the way. I’ve been trying to get back more into yoga and other forms of fitness, so blogging has been somewhat secondary. Anyways, it’s still PRETTY early in the month so if you want to copy this spread you definitely can!

One thing you’ll notice is a slideshow of the previous month in this post. For next month, I plan to post my completed October layout in a slideshow rather than simply placing a slideshow of the previous month not filled out…but I wanted to see how popular this is first before deciding to make this a permanent part of the post.

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The High School Stereotype Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall recently created her own book blog tag called The High School Stereotypes Book Tag, and I was lucky enough to be asked to partake in her wonderful creation.

Thank you very much love for the tag! If any of you haven’t visited her blog yet, you really should. Kelly and I started talking this year and she’s such a wonderful person with an increasingly growing and vibrant blog. Not only are her reviews amazing, but her “Let’s Talk” posts are one of a kind.

Let’s get to it!
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September Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

As I mentioned in last month’s wrap up, I’m officially a home owner…yay! It’s been a huge adventure, hence why my reading and book reviews have slipped a tad. However, I feel as though I almost have everything together now…here’s to a better October!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Covers

Hello beautiful people!

Oh boy…I LOVE this weeks theme: favourite covers. I’m definitely one of those people who compulsively buys books by its cover; sometimes it works out, whereas sometimes it wasn’t the best decision. Any who, here are some of my favourite book covers!

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90’s Kid Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Oooo yay! I’m a 90’s baby, so this works SO well! Thank you Kate @ Harper Grae for tagging me in the 90’s Kid Book Tag! I just recently started following Kate’s blog but from what I’ve seen, it’s completely worth the follow and look around – you lot should all check her blog out ASAP! Continue reading “90’s Kid Book Tag”

Exclusive Promo and Review: Literary Book Gifts

Hello beautiful people!

Melissa, the individual who runs the company Literary Book Gifts, contacted me sometime during the summer in regards to reviewing her bookish products. In this post, you will find information regarding: the “aboutness” of Literary Book Gifts, my review of the products, and my promo code you can use to receive a discount on all items.

Let’s get to it!

Content Warning: There IS a GIF in this post that contains coarse language.

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