Two Worlds of Oblivion by Angelina J. Steffort || ARC Review

“But this wasn’t just about making it right. It was about being unable to reconcile the thought of never being able to tell him that she felt the same way …”

Synopsis: Even though Maray has returned to the world she grew up in, she isn’t safe. Grasping for power, Rhia seeks her blood to claim its magic. To prevent this, the rogue revolutionaries intend to kill Maray first.

This time, running isn’t an option. She must return to Allinan, where she belongs and where she has the best shots of learning to control her magic. But who can she trust when half of the court is loyal to her evil grandmother?

Source: Goodreads

Title: Two Worlds of Oblivion
Author: Angelina J. Steffort
Series: Two Worlds, Book Two
Links: Amazon CA | Goodreads

Genre / Themes: Fantasy | Romance
Point of View: Alternating Third Person

Publisher: MK
Publication Date: 2019
Format: eBook (ARC)
Pages: 290

Spoiler free review: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review; thank you Angelina J. Steffort for the opportunity to read and review this novel. This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.

See … this is what I love … not having to wait YEARS to read the sequel. Overall, the novel was enjoyable and relaxing, providing a fascinating story that’s not too complicated to comprehend … which my brain honestly needs right now. Though I have some concerns regarding the overall plot and progression of the story, the novel fulfills its role in unfolding an action packed fantasy novel!

CONTENT & TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains topics regarding blood, murder (mentioned), loss of a loved one (mentioned), and violence.

The events from book one transition logically and smoothly into the sequel. A huge pet peeve of mine is reading a series and feeling utterly confused between the new book and its predecessor — either the transition is abrupt and confusing, or there’s this information DUMP regarding the previous novel. Luckily, Steffort’s perfected this element of series writing. She doesn’t overload readers with describing EVERY SINGLE EVENT in Two World of Provenance, but provides enough detail so readers are reminded of the important bits and elements.

An action-filled fantasy adventure, Steffort makes it rather difficult to put this book down. From the very first chapter, Maray’s thrust back into running for her life and fighting to save those she holds most dear. Chapter after chapter, Steffort keeps readers on their toes as we eagerly wait to discover the fates of these beloved characters. From fighting monsters and demons to learning to harness extraordinary abilities, Two Worlds of Oblivion gives it all!

Steffort continues to cater towards character-oriented readers, both in regards to old and new characters! My favourite part regarding these books remains to be the characters — there’s such a wide array of different personalities: the comedian, the serious and moody, the curious, the carer, and so much more! There’s a few new characters introduced as well, who not only provide much more intrigue to the general plot but are also just wonderful.

Maray and Jemin’s “situation” continues to be both frustrating and confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both! But there interaction as something more than friends is aggravating at times. One minute, they’re mad for one another — the next, they can’t be together due to “circumstances” — then, they’re possibly back together though there was no real transition or in-depth talk about how they feel and things that worry them? Everything just felt to abrupt, like I was watching a preteen romance.

The writing style was confusing at points … drawing me away from the reading experience. There are a few grammatical errors, such as the structure of sentences and certain punctuation choices. There’s also a few “cringe worthy” dialogue points between Maray and Jemin that were just … well, awkward — and not that “adorable awkward” when someone firsts starts falling in love. The referencing of characters also really confused me … to the point I had to go back and re-read sections to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. For instance, a character is referenced as someone’s daughter in one chapter … then as that person’s niece … and then as their daughter again … so you can SEE where my confusion came in.

Much like its predecessor, the plot moved WAY too fast. My BIGGEST concern with this series thus far is how fast the plot unfolds … rather than gradual and smooth, it feels sudden and rushed. The problem with this is it effects other elements of the novel. The character growth is lacking, there’s little to know world building and the plot feels linear rather than exploratory. The novel itself’s just shy of 300 pages, which I think is the main reason this happens. With the amount of content going on, there’s this need for more gradual unveiling with the plot.

Steffort’s Two Worlds of Oblivion is a fun and action filled fantasy adventure, a story sure to grasp your attention until the last page. Though there’s still the issue regarding the pacing and lack of world building, the lovable characters and non-stop action make the reading experience worth while!

I DO recommend this novel if you enjoy:

↠ A wide array of lovable characters
↠ The concept of multiple worlds
↠ A quick and not overly complicated (yet still intriguing) fantasy novel
↠ Unique takes on different magic systems

I DON’T recommend this novel if you dislike:

↠ A lack of world-building elements
↠ Insta-love
↠ Frustrating love story
↠ A very linear story-line

Have you read Angelina J. Steffort’s Two Worlds of Oblivion?




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